Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

I'm sorry I keep forgetting

Did half a day at work yesterday, my arm didn't fall off. Went to a we are wolves gig, where it bloody nearly did, even though we only went for the headliner (which I don't like doing, you never hear anyone new that way) and didn't linger. So I'm at the stage of convalescence where you're fit enough to work but not fit enough for fun, I know that one well. Tends to coincide with work being demanding as you've been away for a while.

Harder to use the computer at the moment, too, so I have a build up of strips wanting finishing -- they're not going to get what they need, at least for a bit, so I'll chuck em up as is. Furry physio is supposed to have bright, vivid colours, magic marker-ish. Saturday's child is supposed be in municipal shades, all magnolia and complex pastels. Off the map in a self-coloured wash or pale dusky colours like White Night in January.

I also spent some of yesterday discussing wedding plans with glittertigger, who's looking much better. Amusing, and a little surreal.

physio cat says pain is progress!
physio cat says pain is progress!
My little furry nurse in action. Wait, that doesn't sound so good.

saturday's child - detail
saturday's child - detail
self-pitying stuff, still in the rough

off the map - detail
off the map - detail
You have to imagine the colour on this one, sorry.


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