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in brief (but not in briefs)

Sunday: Enormous amusement on London IMAX Watchman trip (jinty's idea, thank you!). Forbidden Planet's tide has turned back to comics and I buy far too many, then wander to the river for ridiculous cocktails at Skylon in the fading spring afternoon sun. Watchmen is excellent entertainent. I feel the need to offer a tiny spoiler; the actor playing Ozymandias bears a faint but disquieting resemblance to dickonedwards.

Monday: Tabletop Pagan has her brief sputter of internet fame as Clonehenge decide to feature the miniature henge I made from p-p-p-Penguin bars a few midsummers back for my dinosaurs to skateboard in, in this post: Chocolate Henge and the Lizard People, just as we suspected. Who ate all the chocolate? I did. I may have given damiancugley some.

Tuesday: All afternoon, the faint tuneless boom of karaoke from the Irish pub a short vertical distance from my office window. I manage to avoid plummeting from my window, poignant with pot plants. When the Office move comes, limited storage space and the 8/10 principle dictate that I cannot take them with me.

Oh, and there's this:



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17th Mar, 2009 23:45 (UTC)
curoiously, I spent Sunday in Oxford.

Congrats on the sign. ;-)
18th Mar, 2009 00:14 (UTC)
re: resemblance. I thought that (just in the montage, with the Village People) but couldn't put a name to who he reminded me of at the time.
18th Mar, 2009 07:45 (UTC)
oh yes, he was with the village people, wasn't he?
Think there might have been some SUBTEXT going on there?
18th Mar, 2009 07:50 (UTC)
If you do it loud enough
it's just text
18th Mar, 2009 01:15 (UTC)
He does!

18th Mar, 2009 09:35 (UTC)
Hurrah, my extraordinarily wealthy friend! Perhaps you would like to buy this large but inedible sculpture that I own in the Wiltshire countryside...
18th Mar, 2009 19:46 (UTC)
thanks, but ---
I suspect you may be out of my price range
18th Mar, 2009 10:00 (UTC)
Two sold houses within 24 hours - are we starting a trend? Congratulations BTW.
18th Mar, 2009 19:46 (UTC)
I know, it's uncanny. If we have our way, another will shortly be sold -- to us.
18th Mar, 2009 16:01 (UTC)
Whoo-hoo! So glad you sold the house.

(What's the 8/10 principle?)
18th Mar, 2009 18:41 (UTC)
For every 10 staff there should be 8 desks.
19th Mar, 2009 17:06 (UTC)
Huh. I've never heard of that before. Is it good or bad practice to apply it?
19th Mar, 2009 23:05 (UTC)
Personalisation of desks, e.g. with photos or mugs, is discouraged
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