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that meme that's going round

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I had gone to work, much as usual. The office was quiet, brown shades on the windows shut out the bright, hot sun. Karin dropped in, to talk about the progress towards zero campaign. She tried for a terminal, but the computers were on the blink again, another call to IT. Colette dropped by, another discussion about co-ordinating the voluntary groups to provide effective support and personnel distribution. Funny how so much had changed, yet so much was still the same. People still had projects, they still needed co-ordinating, and someone still needed to sit in the middle, feeding the data out for distance users.

I went out for lunch; the middle of Oxford had changed a lot. Large spaces had opened where office blocks had once stood, now huge storage pools. A flock of Giant Amazonian Green Parrots rose from the same row of tall old Plane trees, now tangled a bit with moss and vines, but still alive. The parrots were incomers, escapees from the mass captive breeding populations that had followed the Amazon disaster. They begged scraps from tourists, muttering and nibbling, little sheepy noises. People complained, but what could you do? There were other, more urgent, priorities. Now there were Amazonian species all over the world, tucked into odd niches like this one. Against the blue sky, they looked like a mossy hillside, flying away.

I therefore say I don't need to do a quiz to find out which SF writer I am as I'm clearly early J G Ballard.


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19th Mar, 2009 09:47 (UTC)
Sounds quite a positive dream. A future world which still has minor niggles and where Oxford has an amazonian climate with parrots. I quite fancy that.
19th Mar, 2009 11:52 (UTC)
it was --
There was an deep undercurrent of sadness and guilt, but nothing you couldn't learn to live with.
19th Mar, 2009 12:38 (UTC)
Re: it was --
I blame the media for trying to instill liberal guilt and don't take it personally. That is very Ballard though as you say.
19th Mar, 2009 15:48 (UTC)
I turned out to be Arthur C Clarke.

Could be worse.
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