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the rain on the bus falls down and down

tinyjo, oxfordhacker and anyone interested in hairdye and hawaiian shirts should hie themselves to alleged forthwith.

I forgot to dye my hair today. Damn.


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8th Aug, 2002 01:09 (UTC)
Strange Dan Dare Eyebrows
Have you noticed Captain Scarlett has very similar weird formation? Is that a hommage?
Re Hawaiian shirts, I saw a black woman about my size on the bus wearing a truly miraculous, voluminous shirt with images of Hotai ('Laughing Buddha') all over it, on a nice black/red/orange background. I was overcome with desire for one, but, of course, didn't have the nerve to ask her where she got it.....Sigh-
10th Aug, 2002 16:16 (UTC)
captain scarlett, dan dare, and *everybody* drawn by brett ewins
... but I'm not having that much success reproducing it in real life, TBH. I can do most of it, but that single line zig-zag at the end is a bitch ...
11th Aug, 2002 02:19 (UTC)
Re: captain scarlett, dan dare, and *everybody* drawn by brett ewins
D'Oh, didn't realise they were drawn by the same person! Not really au fait with that genre. Very interesting, though. Like- Why?
I actually worked with a guy once who had a Dan Dare eyebrow, and when i pointed it out, he got really grumpy-must have suffered schoolyard abuse because of it. I thought it was kinda cool, personally-
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