Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

the week that I hate the most

Ever since the clocks went back, I've not been able to stop yawning. Too early! Hurts! It was my last hospital visit today for the fractured wrist. Recently timscience has been taking me to task for referring to it my rubbish wrist, but it seems (from today's consultation) that I've actually been pretty much accurate. Overall, the Doctor was positive, but...

But, there were an awful lot of buts and hedgings in the conversation. The fracture site has shown good reduction, but... You've shown excellent progress in recovering movement, but... So, yes, we come to the news. The wrist might not recover its movement fully (especially the rotational movement) because the very bad fracture at the base of the radius has left the shape of the joint changed. It's not longer the smooth, curved shape it should be, so the bones can't move over each other in the right way. The ulnar styloid (the other fractured bit) is less of a problem. He showed me where the damage to the bone was -- but on my good wrist, unwilling to poke his fingers into the bits that might actually hurt -- giving the lie a bit to the physio's assurance that I could really dig my fingers in if I wanted. This isn't so bad, of course. I've got most of the movement back, and the Doctor was quick to point out that I have two other joints in that arm, and they will put my hand in the right position. I'll get accustomed to it. I knew there was a chance of permanent damage -- and this is fine. Mostly mended is quite good enough.

Also, no picture of a big pile of annotated comics yet, but here's my instructions envelope from the UK Web and Minicomics Thing, complete with doodled comics hipsters:

we love the UK web and minicomics thing
we love the UK web and minicomics thing
All the cool kids are into comics nowadays.


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