Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

we tried to start a pub night but it didn't really work

Bog Eagle 1, Ducks 0

It seems the Isis is being reconstructed until further notice, possibly with the intention of creating a giant Dreaming Duck that will loom menacingly against the Oxford skyline, processing customers through its bill. Or not.

In any case, this means we need another pub for Wednesday evenings. Since the Marsh Harrier came in second last time, I suggest going there...

8.30 Wednesday evenings (i.e. 9.00+ Wednesday evenings in real time). Everyone welcome to turn up, drink, talk and fall over (the addresses at the top of the message are just a list of people who I think live near Cowley, or who might be interested). Housemates, relatives, friends and people you're trying to get off with are all of course invited. Jeremy is my co-host.


Three secrets, two women, one grail

is my current favourite strapline (for Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse - an "experiment into creativity and the power of the imagination", as it says on the website). On the other hand, the best ever title position is still held by "More Than Superhuman", a phrase that truly gave me pause for thought...

None of which, admittedly, has anything to do with the subject of this email. Which is: in response to complaints received concerning last week, I can confirm that me, and possibly Jeremy, and definitely some other people, should be at the Isis tomorrow evening, from 8.30 or so onwards.

Looking forward to seeing you there! :)


There is a stagnant pool in the garden...

...of the Isis pub, surrounded by rotting statuary and traumatised vegetation. Tonight, and provisionally every Wednesday night from now on, me and / or Jeremy will be found sitting by the side of the pool, staring into its murky green shallows and reflecting on the eternal Mutability of the sublunar world.

You may want to come along and push us in.


Let us then all bow down and worship our robot elephant overlords

at the Isis, Wednesday evening, 8 pm.

Elephant overlords to be represented by their robot duck minions. Jeremy to
be replaced by Neal due to Punt / gig commitments. Egyptian goddess with
cow horns to be depicted as Oxford riverside pub.

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