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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

J G Ballard RIP

Poor old Jayge is dead, alas. I'm having another go at his biography in commemoration. It's oddly slight, as if he'd already mined his past for all the interesting bits. Did anyone else see Martin Amis on Channel 4 news last night, attempting to obituarize? I have problems taking Martin Amis seriously at the best of times (thanks in no small part to Annie Lawson's loving description of him passed out naked in a shopping trolley in The Big Girls) and his slightly rambling adoration of the Ballard wasn't helping. All of a sudden, two fat men in black, one carrying a huge doctor's bag, started walking up the street behind him. I got back from singing "kidnap Martin Amis" at the screen (and C4's brief cutaway to avoid inadvertently using uncleared physogs) to find him revealing that Ballard had written "maybe as many as eight truly excellent novels". Hmmm.

I've never been very fond of arguments about whether x is better than y, or if z is truly excellent. Ballard is a writer with faults, but I like him nevertheless. I also think he has contemporary relevance, with his distressing tales of the individual anxiously cowering under flight-paths, tormented by new and bewildering obsessions, and disappearing into the broader destruction of its surrounding environment. I always try to buy my Ballards second-hand, battered old pulp editions are my ideal favourite. Sometimes their previous owner have passed judgement on them before sending them on their way. The final sentence of my copy of The Wind from Nowhere (reputedly written in entirety in two frantic weeks) is underlined, with the pencil annotation; stupid, negates the whole book.

I wonder who has the film rights, too? Both The Drowned World and The Unlimited Dream Company would make marvellous films now the technology's there.

In other news, I have been making wedding invites, for we must be wed:

wedding photoshoot outtakes
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