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dinosaur origami

Oh the hilarity. Just politely responded to an email from a second-year illustration student (here's her blogspot -- hmm, talented!) who's currently doing an essay on women comics creators. Paul Gravett had passed her my name, though perhaps failed to mention a few key details about my levels of, ah, industry involvement, as she finished her mail with "It would be great if I could hear what women who have ‘made it’, as it were, think about it all." A few of you may hear from her, sorry about that -- but she seems very nice, and come on -- wouldn't you like to be quoted in her thesis?

Also: dinosaur origami joy!

origami dinosaur 4


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26th Apr, 2009 20:39 (UTC)
oooh- she's at UWE, on the same course as a friend of mine. I like her pop up stegosaurus.
26th Apr, 2009 22:22 (UTC)
27th Apr, 2009 07:32 (UTC)
I think any illustration course which failed to cover badgers (and dinosaurs) would be failing somehow
27th Apr, 2009 16:55 (UTC)
Woah! You did the T-Rex!

To be quite honest, DinaSour origami looked a bit hard so I've not dared attempt a Sour Dino myself, tho I see the instructions are detailed and exlicit in full Japanese. (Gah!)

As for student - students have no right to be so talented!
27th Apr, 2009 22:05 (UTC)
I think T-rex is the easy one.
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