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badger madness!

Thanks j4 for linking to this nifty videotale of Badger Madness, Lady Lawyers talking about wee, and Chris Packham. It's snippets like this that leave me satisfied that my license money is going to a good home.

That Chris Packham, though. Did anyone else see him on The Really Wild Show, back in the day, talking about the flora and fauna of the human body? His rapturous description of eyelash mites has really stayed with me over the years, and not in a good way.

Dresses, eh? They're really beginning to annoy me. Also, I'm looking for a pair of brown trousers (yes, OK, make the joke) and there are none. Just a bazillion floaty dresses in migraine inducing Jerry Hall-ish prints which look like they'd spill your boobs if you ran for the bus (or did anything other than stand still at just the right angle, actually). Why are fashions this season so aggravating?

I'm walking the towpath about three times a week now, and every morning outside the furthest oldest boathouse in the row, there's a little fat terrier dog sat, not doing much, while its presumed owner pootles around the boats. The first few times I saw the dog it was sitting so still I thought it was an optical illusion, a trick of morning sunlight. But I've eyedeed it as real now, along with the pair of countrified terns that fish along the common land, the long-tailed tits that are nesting by the cricket pitch, and the untidy pile of drunks on the bench nearest Folly Bridge.

This morning Iffley Lock was being repaired, work placements tottering nervily on rickety-looking floating platforms, balancing piles of shiny wood, new slats for the gates.

All the moorings along there are temporary, so I seldom see the same boat twice. There are treasures among the visitors, though -- a Dutch barge with its mast folded down, a narrowboat covered entirely in a repeating pattern of red ducks. "My daughter did it," said the owner, proudly, "she's a designer."


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30th Apr, 2009 06:44 (UTC)
I was surprised and pleased with Gap yesterday
though the trousers I saw there were a sober grey not brown. Their floaty dresses were much more substantial and sober, too - I got a lovely one in unbleached white (for the hols) and another in navy blue (might be a bit school-dressy for some but I like it).
30th Apr, 2009 07:12 (UTC)
>I was surprised and pleased with Gap yesterday

Now there's a phrase you don't hear often. But it does seem to a bit of a scrum when I walk through it, so maybe that's where the non-insane clothes are hiding this season.
30th Apr, 2009 08:28 (UTC)
Re: I was surprised and pleased with Gap yesterday
I did GAP too, with my 30% off voucher (fairly widely available or I could e-mail it if you don't have it) and I have a BRIGHT BRIGHT YELLOW summer skirt - so I am to blame for the change in the weather because it went all cold and wet the instant I bought it. I'm having the urge to Colour Block since it seems to be the only trend in years that is actually feasible (possibly my subconscious has gone completely beserk and thinks it will make me look like Michelle Obama).
30th Apr, 2009 09:08 (UTC)
Re: I was surprised and pleased with Gap yesterday
I have literally never shopped at the Gap, and it can'ty just be because they annoyed me sometime in the 90s and I've held a grudge ever since. I harbour a suspicion that their cut doesn't fit me.
30th Apr, 2009 09:25 (UTC)
It could well be
and also their sizes seem very restrictive and a bit random. They had trousers in a size 8 and a few 10s; hardly any 12s (certainly not in the dark grey I wanted), and then leaped straight to the 16s. They also claimed that they never had any idea of what was actually going to be delivered at any one time, which is pretty poor corporate organization.
30th Apr, 2009 09:33 (UTC)
Ooh, I'd quite like the voucher actually
Pity I didn't have it yesterday when I bought three things at once, but I do still want the dark grey version of the trousers.
30th Apr, 2009 09:39 (UTC)
Re: Ooh, I'd quite like the voucher actually
I've e-mailed it to you - it's valid til the 4th, and you can print them out like confetti and give them to whoever.
30th Apr, 2009 10:04 (UTC)
Re: Ooh, I'd quite like the voucher actually
30th Apr, 2009 07:42 (UTC)
I have no idea what is "in" clothes wise, my high street shopping tends to be limited to when I visit my mum.
Last time I looked, it was all bag dresses and pregnancy dresses, FOR EVA!
Please tell me the pregnancy dresses have finally gone.

Not sure on floaty dresses tho, they seem a bit one season.

As for brown trousers, Primark have linen trews in all colours, my mum (again) posted me a pair of brown linens that are not too offensive. (I generally find brown trousers offensive.)
30th Apr, 2009 09:05 (UTC)
sorry to say
But it's the pregnancy dresses have gone floaty and long and psychedelic. It's like Jane Austen meets Jerry Hall out there, and that's OTP I'd rather not see.

I'm generally a linen hater -- and I find the build quality of Primark sometimes fails in the face of my personal entropy field. But it's worth a look -- I've never tried their jeans, after all.

There are good browns and bad browns, I want some dusty tan green/grey/brown jeans to go with all my t-shirts that are in that coklour palette. But I can't even find a solitary pair in that colour space.
30th Apr, 2009 10:04 (UTC)
Re: sorry to say

When will this pregnancy dress trend end? It seems to have been going on for years and years and years, at least as long as I've been in Liverpool (and I don't like to be reminded of how long that has been.)

Goddammit! Thanks to those dresses I was locked in the Trafford Centre for 6 HOURS! With 2 women on a mission to find something half decent to wear for a wedding. It was agony, the day never seemed to end, nothing could be found, THE PAIN!

I'm still mentally scarred from that, and refuse to do any clothes shopping unless it combines Bluewater + My mum, and that only because going clothes shopping with my over-excitable mother is the only way to calm her down to semi-human levels.

Aaaargh! I believe I may have started ranting uncontrolably.
30th Apr, 2009 20:26 (UTC)
the pattern of tiny feet
When the pregnancy dress trend first came in (summer 2007 according to my personal fashion calendar), four of my friends got pregnant and I didn't realise until they were all about five months gone. I mean, you had the "maxi-dress", which was just a glorified ankle-length pregnancy smock, and you had those tops that were basically a brightly coloured, heavily patterned short dress worn over trousers.

Actually, I wear those tops now, but the only "happy event" I'm concealing is the recent Festival of Cake (held in my house).
30th Apr, 2009 09:07 (UTC)
I love this dress, but it doesn't come in my size. As for trousers, what about these from Per Una?
30th Apr, 2009 14:08 (UTC)
maybe if it were available in 3/4 length, like my legs are
Hmmm, I did see them, but Per Una and I do not normally sget on as they believe women of my size should be really quite tall, and have long legs, and probably wear heels, too.
30th Apr, 2009 14:52 (UTC)
Re: maybe if it were available in 3/4 length, like my legs are
Good point. M&S generally is great for short-legged people, but Per Una does seem to be aimed at willowy models.

I got a great pair of brown trousers from M&S last autumn (although I had a lot of hassle trying to replace them when the button fell off. I ended up reordering through the website, but now I can't see them on there any more.
30th Apr, 2009 09:16 (UTC)
The eyelash mites have stayed with me. I mean his description, but presumably also actual mites. The story at school (in Bristol, where the BBC Natural History unit was based) was that however much he liked eyelash mites, he really hated children.
30th Apr, 2009 09:34 (UTC)
yeah, ick
I remember the eyelash mite thing pretty vividly too.
30th Apr, 2009 14:05 (UTC)
He never did seem that comfortable as a childrens' TV specialist -- maybe he kind of got backed into it.
30th Apr, 2009 11:15 (UTC)
I had a crush on Chris Packham when much younger..think I even have a signed photo. Watches as everyone disowns her...
30th Apr, 2009 13:59 (UTC)
better him than terrty Nutkin!
Also, then this is surely for you:

http://cleanskies.tumblr.com/post/101627118/chris-packham-covered-in-butterflies (in case the embed does not work...)
30th Apr, 2009 14:35 (UTC)
Re: better him than terrty Nutkin!
Aha! It's a version of that photo that I have signed, which I always thought was a pretty cool publicity shot :)
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