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officially de minimus

Good news, Whores of Mensa fans! The putative proceedings against us have been dispersed, thanks to a heroic, um, short phonecall by HERO LAWYER Kenneth P. Norwick of the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. No longer labouring under the dark clouds of a Cease & Desist, we may now stand tall & write ... well, I'm actually writing something called Mores of Hensa but... no! Wait! It's better than it sounds! My co-whores mardou and ellenlindner have other things on their minds right now, but we are all delighted.

and in a short burst of lawyerese:

Thank you for calling in response to our letter to your clients regarding WHORES OF MENSA. In view of your assurances that the use and distribution of the WHORES OF MENSA title is de minimis, and your implication that this is likely to remain de minimis, our client has determined to take no action this time, but reserves the right to revisit the issue should these understandings no longer be the case.

So, we can draw a line and move on. To:

The Oxford Punt, Oxford's annual punishing work-night new bands marathon. Discoveries of the night: Wild Hare Ale, currently on tap at the Wheatsheaf; enormously energetic two-piece Phantom Theory -- I'd been warned how loud they were, but not how good the tunes/vocals/guitars were -- and We Aeronauts, who invaded the audience while singing multi-part harmony, showing a level of concentration, guts and grit that had me thinking (along with the accordian and moustache) they'd be the perfect band for your Steampunk club night. The banter was sparse but effective; thanks to a guitarist filling in for the regular guy, who was off recording baboons. It's little details like that that reassure you a band has their priorities right.

... and also this week's strip, which is called Twitter Pubcrawl. Once again, I'm afraid, I've posted unfinished artwork -- no pretty colours, but, as a bonus, you can see that initially I tried to spell spam with a silent initial "p". Some bonus. Those who disapprove of twitter may be heartened to hear that the comic is an incoherent string of lame jokes, made by other people, completely unattributed, and dashed off in a few spare minutes.

twitter pub crawl - detail
twitter pub crawl - detail
Look! Twitter hater in background!

Edited to Add: Following posting this picture, I've received a letter in my Flickrmail from a nice German man. Would you like me to pass it on, j4, or shall I click delete?

showing the full height


( 22 worms — Feed the birds )
15th May, 2009 07:37 (UTC)
Hi Jrmy. Moto, Kei and I were hoping to pop over to Damian's BBQ tomorrow, but I've lost his address. I dropped him a line but haven't heard back from him. Is there any chance you could pass me along the address?
15th May, 2009 09:54 (UTC)
Sure thing, email coming through shortly. Be lovely to see you! Here's hoping for good weather
15th May, 2009 07:38 (UTC)
It occurs to me that those boots in the photo look like they have Dalek heels...
15th May, 2009 10:06 (UTC)
They're holes all the way through the heel, with heavy-duty springs inside. Possibly a weight-saving measure, possibly merely for the look.
15th May, 2009 07:46 (UTC)
I'd like to see Hens of Moreso
15th May, 2009 10:08 (UTC)
I think the Hens of Moreso might be rather bossy. They probably even give the peacocks a hard time.
15th May, 2009 07:58 (UTC)
Three cheers for the WHORES legal triumph!
(Must say HENS OF MORESO sounds really, really good, though-)
15th May, 2009 10:10 (UTC)
Buffy the Buff Orpington? Barry the Barred Rock? Wynnie the Wyandotte?

Oh, look, I just found a comment thread about Bossy Hens!

Um, can you tell I'm rather taken by the idea?
15th May, 2009 08:19 (UTC)
Congrats on the legal stuff going away! Sense prevails. There's a first time for everything...
15th May, 2009 10:11 (UTC)
Yeah, we're pretty stunned ourself. Pleased, but stunned.
15th May, 2009 10:18 (UTC)
Bossy hens are always fun :-)
15th May, 2009 14:48 (UTC)
Good news indeed, and I fully intend to use 'de minimis' in everyday conversation wherever possible from now on.
15th May, 2009 18:13 (UTC)
Hooray for Whores! (Should that be 'whoray'?) How about Men of Whorsa[*]?

And thank you for getting such good pics of the boots! About the nice German man, um... is he entertaining? Does he want the boots to walk all over him? (Cos that's not just what they'll do. Standing on mildly uneven carpet in them is nerve-wracking enough, a human torso would be far too bumpy.)

[*] Whengest's whife (or whorse?).
15th May, 2009 18:28 (UTC)
whoops, did you express curiosity?
It's coming your way
15th May, 2009 22:02 (UTC)
Actually, him and Sophie both are mostly concerned with where they came from and whether they can get some (Sophie likes the blade sandals)
15th May, 2009 22:05 (UTC)
P.S. Currently on 101 views of the amazing platform boots.
15th May, 2009 19:57 (UTC)
I'm totally intending to do a blog entry entitle "Whores fought the Law and the Whores won", I really really intend to get around to it....
15th May, 2009 22:04 (UTC)
whores! what are they good for?
Winning their point, as it turns out.

I think you're might be a wee bit busy growing babything, babes.
(Deleted comment)
16th May, 2009 10:39 (UTC)
No you haven't, thank you!
23rd May, 2009 18:52 (UTC)
Your most recent comic about rock stars in positions of fiscal responsibility (which adequately explains the contents of some of monkeyhands' posts at the moment) reminded me to come back here and say hooray for the Twitter pub crawl.

I can't remember which of those names were my suggestions or I'd crow about them as being totally the best panels, but otherwise well done for interpreting crowdsourced stuff so well.
24th May, 2009 16:33 (UTC)
Can't remember either, you should just claim the best panels. Is anyone going to check?
6th Jun, 2009 19:28 (UTC)
Not likely. OK: they're all my suggestions. Hooray!
( 22 worms — Feed the birds )