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pretty dresses/clouds in the stream

The bridesmaid's dresses came from the internet (thank you the internet) and I'm really quite pleased. They have a sort of kelpie (possibly also kelpy) feel that will blend nicely with the dinosaurs. Now I just have to sort out my dress requirements. I'm not going to be able to get out of Oxford for this, I think, so Oxfordites -- do you know anyone who might alter a dress, make an underdress/skirt and be a bit costumy/theatrical/strange for me? I've been looking at Japlene's online, but they look a bit square.

Also, thank-you the upstairs cats, one of which managed to spray the package containing the bridesmaid's dresses while it was in temporary holding space in upstairs' hall. Fortunately, Be Dottie, experienced with the vagaries of the post, had securely double wrapped everything in very thick plastic!

Also, bluedevi linked to tweetstats, which (in addition to identifying how and how often you tweet -- mine had an identifiable morning commute spike) will show you a cloud of your most commonly used words, mine made a sort of poem in alphabetical order:

ah away bag beer best
big black blue bought boy
boys bright bus came car
cat catch cheese
children close coat
coffee cold
come concrete corner
cream cup cut
dance day dead did disco
dog doing door
dr drink drinking early
eating evening face
falling fear floor glass
going good
green grey hair
half hand hard
head hear
he's high home hop hope house
huge ice internet kitten know later
leaves left life light
lights listening little long look
looking looks lost
lunch make man
morning music need new night noise
office oh old open outside oxford pants park
past pavement people photos pigeons pub queue rain red right river road room
round says set shop sign sky
small smell
snow sound spring square st stage start stop street
summer sun tea that's
there's thing think till tim
time tiny today
traffic tree trees
trying twitter
walked want water way went
wet white win wind window wine
wonder wondering work world
year yellow yes young

... and now, a word from Teasel the cat, who is currently sat on my mouse:
Well, it's good to remind yourself about keyboard shortcuts!


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16th May, 2009 11:12 (UTC)
Some really lovely collisions of words in there. "Need new night noise"!
16th May, 2009 18:07 (UTC)
The Ballroom used to have a list of freelance dressmakers who do alterations. You'd have to drop in and ask them, but they probably know someone who can do what you're looking for.
18th May, 2009 09:46 (UTC)
AAAAAAHHHHH I love Teasel. x
20th May, 2009 16:44 (UTC)
Have you tried styleshake.com? You can design your own dress and have it made to your exact measurements.
21st May, 2009 06:56 (UTC)
I know of it, yes
-- the dressing dolly site that'll send you actual dresses.

I wonder if it's Styleshake I have to thank for all the girls going out clubbing in cocktail dresses nowadays. If so, thank-you Styleshake -- but, design-wise, it is a bit bag and pillowcase, though. Or am I being harsh, let me check.

What no shopper gallery? Come on! I want to see actual customers wearing actual dresses, not the dolly girl. Now off scavenging google images and flickr to look for ladies in pretty dresses.

Oooh, it's a hard life

Edited at 2009-05-21 06:56 (UTC)
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