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Having shifted my annual appraisal to avoid the completion date, the completion date's now shifted itself straight back on top of it, ah-hahahaha. My boss, very sensibly, isn't returning the emails right now. I suspect he wants to know if we've exchanged contracts before he fixes a date for sure. Er, no.

Here's the strip I did for Jimi Gherkin's anthology, not sure if he'll go for it as it's not a very fresh observation and one I've been ranting on about for years on and off, from one perspective or another. But, it does feature an unusual appearance of my teenage self in a good mood, so worth reproducing here if only for that! In case you're wondering I'm the one with very bad hair behind the camera, rather than the pretty one with mad make-up in front of it.

famous for 50 people
famous for 50 people
Aren't we all?


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22nd May, 2009 08:04 (UTC)
There is always the possibility of a surprise appraisal whenever he sees you. Perhaps you should take to hiding under the desk whenever he is around.
22nd May, 2009 16:23 (UTC)
you may laugh later
I'm not sure that will count in my favour when it comes to the annual assessment. Anyway! I've just shifted my date appraisal yet again. Surely the completion date can't follow it this time!
23rd May, 2009 21:08 (UTC)
Re: you may laugh later
In the words of Nelson Munce "Hah hah". That is a bit too cruel - I wish you luck.
22nd May, 2009 14:59 (UTC)
Not everyone is a RockStar, just all my friends. I won't settle for less!
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