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exchanged on tuesday, moving on friday

Be relieved! I'm about to stop whining :D Exchange has happened, and we're moving on Friday (this Friday) as originally planned. We'll be on intermittent internet until at least the 27th, though. Mobiles will still be fine.

I'm now training Teasel to jump in and out of the 42 boxes we just had delivered by a slightly confused moving man. I'm using strokes and chicken cheesy bites! He does love the chicken cheesy bites, and timscience says it's possible to train cats, it must be worth a try.

Some of the results are here, and one is below:

Kitten is going in
Kitten is going in
In the box, anyway


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16th Jun, 2009 18:38 (UTC)
Please please please don't say "I'm about to stop whining". It tempts the dark insane gods of Conveyancing. Did I tell you that we had an apologetic letter from our solicitors six months after we thought we'd bought the house saying that oops they'd forgotten the stamp duty and we didn't actually own the house?

But none of that will happen. All will be well. Yes.

Teazel needs some form of Schroedinger themed macro - you should find a particle physicist to supply one for you (or just plagiarize one of the several zillion already on the internet of course).
16th Jun, 2009 20:44 (UTC)
like this one?

Oh Teasel
Oh Teasel
Bilocating again?

16th Jun, 2009 19:02 (UTC)
Make sure all bits and bobs you need to get at least one computer up and running on the internet are packed up in one obvious, clearly labelled, easy to find box.

I can tell you form bitter experience that it's really quite hard to track down one tiny ADSL modem in a house-worth of boxes
16th Jun, 2009 20:43 (UTC)
as I'm in London,
Hope to see you tomorrow -- I have a book for you, plus a few other bits and bobs.
16th Jun, 2009 19:07 (UTC)
Hurrah, congratulations (whispered so as not to tempt fate).
16th Jun, 2009 21:52 (UTC)
(whispered so as not to tempt fate)
Remember that thou art mortal! Remember that thou art mortal!
16th Jun, 2009 22:00 (UTC)
[picture of a skull]
16th Jun, 2009 19:09 (UTC)
All the best for the move and for your new home.
16th Jun, 2009 19:10 (UTC)
Re: Congratulations
Bother. Not intended to tempt fate at all.
16th Jun, 2009 19:43 (UTC)
I am willing a smooth move for you.
16th Jun, 2009 21:00 (UTC)
Do you want a hand moving?
I have large car and strong arms, and can volunteer them from 5pm on Friday and/or for a bit of Saturday morning pre-Charlbury...
16th Jun, 2009 22:30 (UTC)
Re: Do you want a hand moving?
Yes please!
16th Jun, 2009 22:37 (UTC)
Another Bad-Luck Banishing Picture of a Skull...
And crossed fingers.
16th Jun, 2009 23:12 (UTC)
It ain't over till the fat lady sings, GET PACKING!
17th Jun, 2009 08:06 (UTC)
Yay for exchanging contracts, hope the move goes well & cats in boxes... very cute :-)
17th Jun, 2009 09:17 (UTC)
Teasel is such a BIMBO. Love him though!
17th Jun, 2009 11:01 (UTC)
Boxes of win!
Congratulations! :)
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