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For reasons vaguely connected to my job, I fetched up visiting Eeebleee's website today. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to find a recent news section. "Very busy writing new stuff at present. Currently working on a song that involves a man who shot and ate his dog... Also a song about bad therapy and cars." Quality news. The guitarist from Eeeblee (formerly the guitarist from X-1, formerly the guitarist from The Changelings, and probably others I don't know about) used to work on the next-door desk from me at Oxfam, answering complaints about the shops. The most important criterion for answering phone complainers is a nice voice. Ben (like irish Jane, who answred the complaints before him) has a lovely voice. I'm sure that some of the complainers used to phone up just to chat to him, and I lost count of the numbers of times he had to explain no, XXXX isn't a Scandinavian name. That's not the reason I like Eeeblee, though, I like them because they're good.

Speaking of which, Audioscope is on Sept 7th.

I got bored at work and decided to embed my livejournal. OOh, that's going to look pretty recursive. Speaking of which, I have 733180 bytes left on that website. What should I do with them? Decisions, decisions.

I just cut my hair. I look like a fucking marine.


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23rd Aug, 2002 11:04 (UTC)
if you were a marine, wouldn't it be a flat-top?
23rd Aug, 2002 11:33 (UTC)
Yes, but she certainly looks scary enough to be one, flat top or no.
27th Aug, 2002 03:22 (UTC)
shooting blind, it took me ten shots to look that scary
I could have gone down the corridoor to try and use the mirror, but I just couldn't stir up the enthusiasm. Damn, it looks ugly. Last week I had nice shiny amber-grey hair, and now I don't have any, hardly, and what's there is just a nasty shade of brown. To make matters worse I'm going to a wedding this friday. There isn't a dress on earth will make this look good.
23rd Aug, 2002 11:33 (UTC)
I got bored at work and decided to embed my livejournal.
Oh, that looks nice. How'd you do that? I'd q. like to embed my journal, only not all of it -- maybe all the public entries, or all the entries marked with a certain user group I define, or something like that. I don't necessarily want people actually find out about LiveJournal, y'see. So I like the fact that comments are not shown, for instance.
23rd Aug, 2002 14:01 (UTC)
You can display as much or as little as you like by defining your own custom style to use - that's what I've done with my journal because I wanted to include comments and stuff. By default non-public entries are not shown but if you're embedding using javascript then you can include them if you want (even if you did include the protected entries they still maintain the LJ security setting you gave them).
24th Aug, 2002 07:04 (UTC)
Have created new username jenniscott to show the diary entrries I actually want to show up on the main jenniscott.net site. Will just cross-post when wanted. Complete control! Now all I have to do is (actually put some entries in and) embed it in a good place on jenniscott.net.
24th Aug, 2002 07:56 (UTC)
Forgot that embedding is a paid user feature. Now, should I pay for the jenniscott username or not bother? Sounds a bit much... but otherwise there's the hassle of getting around the fact that I want only some entries to show on jenniscott.net and the set of entries I want to show is not the same as the set of entries I've marked public...

I'll stop musing about it in your LJ, cleanskies, don't you worry.
23rd Aug, 2002 11:36 (UTC)
Just like mine! You didn't by any chance visit a seedy barbershop off Wandsworth Rd full of cricket-crazed Carribean old men?
Looks cute, anyhow in an Alien-fighting sort of way.
23rd Aug, 2002 16:26 (UTC)
Audioscope is on Sept 7th

If I didn't already mention it, Linus are playing Oxford on Sept 9th (Monday).
27th Aug, 2002 03:30 (UTC)
yes (I mean, no, you didn't mention it, at least not to me) but where?
Is it the website-free Cellar? The usual suspects don't seem to know. No! Wait, tinfoil knows. Good for him. The Cellar, Monday 9. Lesbo Pig
+ Linus + KTB + Sewing Circle. All-right! We're going.
27th Aug, 2002 06:23 (UTC)
"I just cut my hair, and..."
Consider yourself lucky. I look fucking bald.

(:-) :-))


PS: Reached the "tentacles & nipples" section of yr book on the bus this morning. Feel validated in my choice of literature; once again genre fantasy is something I can feel faintly embarassed about when I notice someone reading it over my shoulder...

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