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public transport hates me

My journey to the "Pride Illustrated" talk yesterday descended, scrap by scrap, into a nightmare scenario reminiscent of the worst of the Film 4 comedies. A series of increasingly plaintive twitters mark the progress of the disaster; the exploding car transporter, the broken air conditioning, the two school parties of children coming back from their Oxford Open Day. I arrived in London after a journey of four and a half hours, all information heat-blasted from my brain save the location of a rather nice cocktail bar near Charing Cross. I made it to the counter, gasped out an order, turned around, and saw an old school friend and the son of a former colleague sharing a private moment -- which I promptly invaded, trailing heat and disaster in my wake. Eventually I felt strong enough to walk round the block to the pub where the Pride Illustrated gang had repaired to, just as everyone was leaving. I met David Shenton in the end, shook his hand and croaked, "how nice to meet you". Smooth, Jeremy, really smooth.

Somehow one last drink turned into a wide-ranging and fascinating debate about art, the nature of queer identity, politics, self expression and the most stylish thing to wear to gay shame. Alas, I then had to haul myself back onto a stuffy bus for the journey home. I'm not very well today. Heat exhaustion, I think.

Oh, and do you remember Gormley's plan for the plinth? In a sense I already partyicipated, back in the voting rounds when I made this:

me on anthony's plinth
me on anthony's plinth
I may not opt for standing on one leg, though....

But nevertheless:

Oh dear, that widget's NOT going to embed. People, JUST USE VANILLA HTML. Let me try again.

No, all of the widget's are script heavy. Here's the link so you can make your own application.


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2nd Jul, 2009 14:06 (UTC)
Completely OT, but were you running around Victoria Station on Saturday? I was queuing for a Brighton ticket (with the entire population of London, apparently)and thought I recognised you belting across the concourse...
2nd Jul, 2009 14:23 (UTC)
yes, yes I was
I was figuring out a route to Twickenham, for the scattering of my friend Steve W.'s ashes. I really should write that up properly. The queues were terrifying, weren't they? I bought at a relatively underpopulated automatic machine in the end
2nd Jul, 2009 14:26 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes I was
Ah, a memorial Saturday for both of us, then. We were visiting the tree planted on my friend Selena's grave.

God, yes, the queues were epic. Whole dynastic rebellions were being wrought in the name of a travelcard discount. We wound up writing off a collective tenner and doing the same thing.
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