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heavy going

Thursday: Big Yellow Storage no longer does late nights. The tip does. I need a compost bin. To measure the space I have and the space the base of a compost bin would take and then to come up with an innovative solution, possibly involving that pile of dirt from where our retaining wall should be.

Friday: Lots of cleaning. Water meter guy brings us our new steampunk dial. Damp man, full of portents and dark advice. Scrabbling through the various accounts trying to figure out what's cocked up this time. In an absent moment find myself wondering if our mortgage account is being used to error test the new computer system. We should get some sort of beta testing bonus.

Saturday: A bit hungover from a mini housewarming party, and the little surprise Teasel left for us as a thank-you for introducing him to many exciting people. Out to storage. My stuff's been in storage for too long, too hot, too humid. Go punting in the afternoon, astonished by how slow I am. Once I could keep up, practically race. Not now, and I'll feel this on monday. All the same I manage to bring us alongside a friend's punt smoothly enough that drinks can be served from one to the other. They then went careening into nettles but oh well.

Sunday: How many runs to storage can we make? Ate my first tomatoes today; they were disappointing, watery. Tradescantia "osprey" closes when the sun becomes too bright and high, preferring the morning and evening. Should plant them out. Must have time soon. Fiddle with fairy lights. Combine book collections. We now have a shelf section for poetry and Gene Wolfe under W. Greater love hath no man.

Still not sure where the Man from U.N.C.L.E books are going.


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6th Jul, 2009 15:16 (UTC)
Ruth and Ian have spinoffery in a separate section of their shelving, so it is possible to order by series title.

I have a slightly wonky system where I sort spinoffery under the series title but in with the other fiction, as if Star Trek spin-offs were all written by a Mr Startrek. I may switch to Ruth and Ian's system.

I have a similar issue with comics albums. It makes sense for Batman comics to be sorted together (i.e., by series or title name), but it also make sense for James Kochalka's comics to be sorted together (by creator).
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