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build a little book-shop in my heart

Woke up this morning from a strange dream of a being a hang-around in a central Oxford bookshop, down one of those little alleys, a huge sprawling place full of tiny rooms crammed with shelves, leather armchairs and sofas and other and places for a quick lie-down. I was spelling on the till, realising that I was transitioning from hang-around to staff, in the way regulars sometimes do. Someone who often got their parcels delivered to the shop was really pushing it this time, with two huge parcels which made a freaky sound as they hit the ground. I laughed and launched myself backwards onto one; only one thing makes a sound like that! A mattress! I turned my head sideways and saw that the electro-bugs were already invading the mattress through a tear in the brown paper, they looked like little grasshoppers but neon green and yellow. They were all over the bookshop, another problem to add to the pile of problems that stacked up around us, that lurked behind the shelves, that we breathed in with the dust that danced in the yellow bars of afternoon sunshine slanting through narrow windows.

I've had a bad couple of days with my all my attention playing pass the parcel between work, house, wedding. No time for comics, so instead I get paranoid, anxious and start to confabulate in an uncontrolled and unhelpful way. At which point I get worse at doing the work, house, wedding round, and the problem tightens. Have to spike that circuit if I can, somehow. But writing the comics is no good if I can't find the time to finish them, it just adds to the narrative load.


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8th Jul, 2009 08:40 (UTC)
Sounds unpleasant :(

My strange dream yesterday morning was that I was watching the intro to the new "Supersizers" historical food programme, which was set in the Georgian era. The male presenter was just waking up, very hirsuite and the worse for wear. He then broke into a huge grin and leaned over to embrace a commode (if that's the right word - I mean one of those handsome wooden chairs with a secret compartment for a chamber pot) made entirely from panels of shiny dark chocolate, which he began to lick with enthusiasm. I'm not even trying to understand that one.
8th Jul, 2009 11:05 (UTC)
8th Jul, 2009 10:37 (UTC)
Can I do anything to help?
I know the sort of feeling - haven't got it bad at the mo but have had a bit of that recently. Though maybe what you need is just some time doing the comics, which I can't help much with...

I have been looking for dressmakers online and while it sounds like you have come up with a solution that doesn't require one, we could explore them together if you wanted? I was thinking of looking at Japlene and Anna Fink initially.
8th Jul, 2009 11:30 (UTC)
Re: Can I do anything to help?
Well, yes, but I am curious -- Japlene did strike me as looking quite nice, I must say -- and it's easy to get to, in Headington. I'll happily accompany you
8th Jul, 2009 12:57 (UTC)
Re: Can I do anything to help?
Cool! I've got a day off on Monday though that might not be convenient for you - I don't know what its opening times are, mind. I've also got a recommendation of a lady called Louise from a colleague here who got something done by her. My colleague (Monica) said Louise was good if a bit pricey for what Monica needed doing, but it was all a hurry so she was ok with paying her prices. I haven't got a exact address for Louise but as far as I can tell she's not far from either of us, and we might be able to go in an evening as she works from home.
8th Jul, 2009 14:33 (UTC)
Hey Jeremy,
Agh, narrative overload! Let's talk some serious Whores of Mensa when you and Tim are married and I'm back from India. In the meantime I'll get in touch with some of the people we've been talking about as guest artists.
Best of luck with the last few weeks of wedding planning!
Talk to you soon,
Ellen L.
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