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no longer in storage

As I write, I'm watching Jeremy Clarkson being blown up by soldiers.They're right up his trumpet, apparently. But if they'd been really trying he would be dead by now. Television, full of lies.

Today was IKEA. I have shelves. Yaris tetris be praised. We returned gingerly through Bletchley, fingers white on the flatpacks, ill-advised impulse purchases rattling against improvised padding made from timscience's trendy jacket. We didn't break the car or get stopped by the police, but we did annoy two young men in red joyrider cars. From the hand gestures, they planned to have sex later; I hope it was the regular type, rather than crash-style.

returning house of leaves
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

The picture is from waistcoatmark's copy of House of Leaves, which I finally returned to him, shortly before I moved house. I'd filled the book with little scribbled notes, on scraps of paper. I should probably get my own copy. Um, when we have more shelves, the current lot are full.

Last night I was pulling similar little bookmarks out of another book while timscience editidied a couple of pieces of music. Tomorrow we take them to Heather the registrar. Wow.


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12th Jul, 2009 22:16 (UTC)
OOh you have a Yaris? Am considering it to replace much beloved but rather old Seat Arosa. What do you think of it??
13th Jul, 2009 08:51 (UTC)
you can fit a lot in it
for a small car -- apart from the massive IKEA haul, it has a regular job of transporting a three person band + kit -- there are different seat folding combinations, very useful. It's quite tall, so it feels pretty spacious inside. Tim has a long daily commute, which means he prioritises a car being reliable and economical -- and from the lack of swearing I think it's holding its end up in that area, too.

I'll poke him, see if he can give you a more detailed response
13th Jul, 2009 16:09 (UTC)
Re: you can fit a lot in it
Pretty much as you said.

I bought it at 75000 miles, it has now done 130000, and has had no problems really. It's comfortable and everything works properly in that way that Japanese cars seem to manage (for comparison, I had a courtesy Fiat Punto when a lorry drove into me last year - the Fiat, although brand new, was rubbish). I use dealer service and it seems to pay off. I'll certainly buy either Toyota or Honda when it finally dies. Does about 40 mpg on long M-way blasts and rather higher if petrol prices rise high enough to nudge me into eco-driving mode. It will touch 100mph but why bother?

Edited at 2009-07-13 17:11 (UTC)
14th Jul, 2009 14:50 (UTC)
I had exactly the same experience with House of Leaves
Then I stupidly returned it. I'm going to have to reread and refill it once I get round to buying my own copy.
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