Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

good for guests but vows need re-writing

The registrar made a face over our choice of readings, but accepted them anyway. Our write-in vow, though, apparently belongs to the church and we must write another one. We can send it in by email, so that'll be wednesday, along with checking for occult vegetarians -- nearly there!

Had guests round to the new place yesterday and it functioned well; six boxes remain in the living room but I'm tackling them, day on day. Speaking of day, the day bed is in my studio now, closed up to its narrowest setting and shoved between the desk and the shelves. Yay! Teasel celebrated by disappearing for hours; I found him curled up on it, camouflaged against the black and white disturbance pattern fabric that covers the matress, purring with his paws over his head. I understand, fluff. It is a nice place to lounge. Though, right now -- not if you're tall!

At moment it looks a bit like someone set the room up as a set ("Jeremy Dennis's studio") rather than the place in which I sit and work but I'm sure a thin layer of dust and the remaining three boxes of playmobil and dinosaurs will take care of that.

P.S. For the first time, educated crow and little plastic owl are in the same room. I've put them at opposite ends of the topmost glass shelf of the desk, but they're still looking at each other funny. "I could take you" (flap) "no, dear ... um (it is hard to tell with little owls) ... I think you'll find that I am the one who will take you... back to school! Cawcawcawcaw!". Oh dear.
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