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W minus five

I expected to be up to my eyeballs in wedding this week, but my mate who's a plumber's mate came round with her plumber and the DIY/SECBDI* bomb went off early. So I've been mostly in tiling shops, marvelling at how almost everything is beige, grey or buff.

We finally tracked down the only person selling blue floor tiles in Oxford, though, and are now slowly assembling a Frankenstein bathroom of cleverly shaped bits. An offset corner bath that's the last in stock and about to be discontinued. A tiny basin with a neat little cabinet. A super-skinny cabinet/mirror We've had packing tape on the floor in funny shapes, set squares out to calculate slopes and clearances and everything. It'll be awesome when it's done. I hope.

I am also up to my eyeballs in wedding, of course. No avoiding that. But Bridezilla, on the whole, at the moment, is pleased. Most things are progressing according to plan, I have an elegant sufficiency of dinosaurs, and although it's likely to be pouring with rain, I cannot myself be gloomy. It's going to be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I spent my birthday in London, and saw spooky free freaky fairy tale design exhibition Telling Tales at the V&A (groovy site with many pictures), had cocktails and bar snacks (including Croque Madames with quail's eggs!) at the Skylon Bar and Grill (link to campaign to rebuild the Skylon), went to Walking in My Mind at the Hayward (pulsating flash site) and then queued at the Globe for returns of As you like it and got groundling tickets for the only three hours of clear weather all day (a photo of Rosalind and Celia doing what they do best).

I think it's the effect of buying a bathroom. That was quite costly, but a drop in the baignoire** compared to what a bathroom costs.

*Someone Else Can Bloody Do It.
**And I use baignoire, of course, completely wrongly.


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28th Jul, 2009 16:55 (UTC)
The sheer beigeness of tile shops is staggering isn't it - I blame Kirsty Alsop and her All Rooms Must Be Totally Inoffensive campaign. Unless you shell out untold zillions for glass or go black then it's very very difficult to find non-beige tiles. Our lovely mint stripy bathroom tiles were probably a factory error (they are a variant colouring on a cafe-au-lait/cream striped original).
28th Jul, 2009 17:22 (UTC)
I'm going to assume that baignoire is a crusty bread only eaten at night.
29th Jul, 2009 07:42 (UTC)
I'm also increasingly a fan of GALMI - Get A Little Man In.

Forecast for Saturday is still grotty, helas... but there's time yet for it to turn around.
29th Jul, 2009 13:04 (UTC)
I don't want to jinx it, but the BBC weather website is saying 'sunny intervals' for Sunday... :-)
29th Jul, 2009 22:18 (UTC)
still on sunny intervals! fingers crossed!
29th Jul, 2009 17:15 (UTC)
Not to gloat or anything, but we have an awesome tile shop near us where we've bought some gorgeous turquoise blue tiles for the bathroom. Sorry to have missed you when you were in London (was busy but would have been nice to have a quick cocktail!)
29th Jul, 2009 22:16 (UTC)
bet you love the skylon
The cocktails are so good! Agreed, we should definitely go some time
30th Jul, 2009 17:19 (UTC)
Re: bet you love the skylon
I've never actually been! Always just end up at the Fifth Floor bar for the view.
3rd Aug, 2009 19:46 (UTC)
Hi Jeremy,

Just wanted to wish you both every happiness in your newly nuptialised life.

-- Steve

(currently chillaxing in downtown Montreal)
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