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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

paging jeremyday

It turns out to be quite well taken in common with many short surnames. But the new name will have some presence, I already have plans! Not on lj, alas, where my preferred configuration is covered by an OMGlol 16 year old who posted 5 times years ago and then wandered off. Bah.

It's an odd thing, to be changing your name so late in life, and I expect to continue with the presence of my old name beside me, it's inevitable. Other things I'm doing at the moment:

  • trying to rewrite folk tale "The Black Peacock" entirely from memory, having failed to find any trace of it in the real world. Anyone ever heard/of it?
  • Planning some elaborate meals to thank the people who gave us kitchen gifts. I'm thinking maybe a sort of three colours theme: Three Course Blowtorch (quite easy) Three Course Steak Knives (might have digestibility issues) and the rather more challenging Three Course Fish Kettle...
  • Growing Morning Glories. It's the first time I've taken them successfully from tiny seedlings/snacks for slugs to vast producers of many beautiful delicate flowers. I grew a mix, and I have a pink one, one that is a ghostly pale blue, and another that look stonewashed! No plain blues yet, maybe the vigorous one on the back fence.

betrayer of birds
betrayer of birds
A doodle I did to test if a printer was working (it was).

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