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Jeremy is your typical kid. (oh yes I am!)

Jeremy is on a weekly schedule for only 25 more episodes. (that's a lie)

Jeremy is ugly. Jeremy is hideous. And Jeremy is an adult-film Adonis. (mixed messages there)

Jeremy is an experienced, energetic, and enjoyable performer. (how healthy!)

Jeremy is coming off of an extraordinary year. (it's all so lurid)

Jeremy is recuperating in Los Angles. (sic)

Jeremy is a true anomaly. (I am!)

Striped like a zebra, Jeremy is generous with clues. (not sure about the zebra bit, but the rest is true enough)

Jeremy is the superior being. (recognition at last!)

Jeremy is a bad example. (... oh well)

Jeremy is unable to attend the Slanted Fedora show in Chicago due to work commitments in the UK. (I'm gutted about that)

Jeremy is actually a real-life Satyr. (but don't tell anyone)

Jeremy is a mixed martial arts submission fighter in northern Indiana. (this one's a bit out of date)

Jeremy is willing to fight anyone. (gr!)

Jeremy is definitely keeping our community safe and that is something we are all proud of. (not sure what this refers to)

Jeremy is responsible for the sales and marketing efforts of Silent Frog. (who?)

Often mistaken for a mutant weasel, the Jeremy is one of the most sought after specimens in Royal Oak. (In fact, Jeremy has its own page on Davezilla, though I'd like to point out that we don't drink at the Royal Oak any more, and the photos don't really do me justice.)

Jeremy is a classic, beast-like, wounded hero. (yes, I am!)

Jeremy is the hapless Crow who, while meaning well, is really just a very large pain in Ms. Brisby's side. (Who's Ms Brisby? What do I want with her side?)

Jeremy also has a lot to say for himself. (but I'd hesitate to quote)


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29th Aug, 2002 17:10 (UTC)
I am the great perl master...?
"Damian Cugley is" is a Googlewhack for my web site (http://www.alleged.org.uk/)

"Damian is"

  • now banned from future competition
  • obviously a very sick and twisted man to understand Perl to such depths
  • he author of Object Oriented Perl
  • here - with another Exegesis explaining what real programs using Perl 6 grammars look like
  • interested in the following activities: Dining Out Music Nature & Wildlife Science & Technology Sight Seeing
  • excellent ! ! !
  • enjoying the constant challenge of working at State forests full time
(3000+ hits). Damian Conway is obviously Google’s favourite Damian.

"Cugley is"

  • actually a Corporate Lawyer to one of the UK's top 50 Plc companies (I think this guy mailed me once)
  • pronounced to rhyme with ugly
  • the perpetrator of these web pages
  • an expert in the area of traffic (it seems everyone’s at least one police officer according to Google)
  • Director of the Australian College of Metaphysical Studies in Melbourne (in my spare time, you understand)
  • circled
  • our hero

Much more variety!

30th Aug, 2002 03:17 (UTC)
Yeh! Dr Strange! - Or The Flash?
Love that icon photo, anyhow...
30th Aug, 2002 07:27 (UTC)
Re: Yeh! Dr Strange! - Or The Flash?
I see myself as more of the Dr Strange type, though given that I'm up in the air and throwing a ball of light, maybe I'm being Dazzler (after some really radical reworking and an unusual choice of artist).
30th Aug, 2002 06:02 (UTC)
Sparky is a graphical NMR assignment and integration program for proteins
Sparky is an umbrella cockatoo, about six years old
Sparky is 4
Sparky is the only machine on the market that you can head and heel, dally, and face off
Sparky is free roaming!
* Ocelots are now dying out.
* Sparky is an ocelot.
* Therefore, Sparky is now dying out.
Sparky is an autonomous, mobile robot designed to model the behavior of a dog.
Sparky is not the lowest canine lister we know
Sparky is now actively keeping and seeking to improve his 'moths I have eaten' list.
Sparky is more than a "who". Sparky is a way of life.

30th Aug, 2002 07:25 (UTC)
that hadn't occured to me ...
[google returns] Did you mean to search for:"clearskies is"

Oh well.

Do let me know how the moths I have eaten list gets on ;)
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