Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

water where it shouldn't be

We got home last night to discover a small bathroom water feature. Toilet-side waterfall. As far as we can tell, one of the pieces of cardboard that Tony the tiler had been using when he ran out of tile spacers had ended up in the cistern, jamming the ball-cock into the on position. The internal overflow, which had been installed at too high a level (by previous toilet owner, presumably) was working, but set to above the screw holes, leading to a constant trickle down the side, and a distressing downstairs bulge.

We stopped the drip, lanced the bulge and called the plumber. This morning I spotted a slow drip from the stopcock, too, now bucketed safely until it can be dealt with. Water where it shouldn't be and dampness, the scourge of British houses. The plumber was jaunty, as he re-set the toilet to safer levels. "I had a house that was flooded properly, it took three years to fully dry out!" I was feeling sick and tired after a weird food nausea incident earlier and was glad to get to bed. I'm feeling very odd at the moment.

Today, the new sink, and maybe even some of the (new, blue) floor.

bathroom progress problem 2 : water in living room
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