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Which is, it seems, the perfect size for her. We've introduced her to Teazel already, as he was curious, but they've not progressed beyond staring matches with the occasional hissy fit yet. Early days for the little kitten.

She was fairly unimpressed by the milk drops, but we found some junior cheesy bites which made her go nom. So far that's all she's eaten; she's played herself out and fallen asleep. In a hat! Thank you epidemiological for the hat!

oh hai world
oh hai world
She is here, but she needs a name. Unless I carry on calling her Sunday. Although from how fond she is of sparkly top hats I think she might actually be called Baroness Samedi


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22nd Aug, 2009 13:05 (UTC)
In the grand tradition of Oxford Geek Cats she needs a science fiction name.

I would call her Kira.

Alternatively: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_cat-like_aliens
22nd Aug, 2009 14:06 (UTC)
22nd Aug, 2009 14:32 (UTC)
Don't you know? Sparkly bowler hats are MADE for tuxedos!

Miss Samedi is a lovely name.
22nd Aug, 2009 15:38 (UTC)
I think Baroness Samedi is perfect! :3
22nd Aug, 2009 19:27 (UTC)
I'm liking Baroness Samedi. Calling her Sunday would confuse me as that is the name of our Senior Cat (who also has that colouring).

Edited at 2009-08-22 19:27 (UTC)
23rd Aug, 2009 22:14 (UTC)
Combine your two names as Baroness Dimanche?

- Epi
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