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Ooh, it's a hard life!

Inbetween kitten wrangling and fielding a roomful of raging plumbers (there were issues with the bath panel, some silicone where it shouldn't be and a metric/imperial disagreement betwixt overflow and waste), I yanked a likely-looking thing off the top of the pile, scanned it, and finished it.

Not this week's strip, more late april's strip, but hey, it's done, and looks more or less as I imagined it.

More days like this please; I even got round to potting on OMG nectarine.
apres moi,  la deluge - detail
apres moi, la deluge - detail
In which I walk by the river


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24th Aug, 2009 15:51 (UTC)
you say late April...
...but given the mad weather we've been having even at this point of the year I'd say it's pretty spot-on!
24th Aug, 2009 15:52 (UTC)
Re: you say late April...
I do actually mention april in the comic...
24th Aug, 2009 15:57 (UTC)
Re: you say late April...
yes, but it still applies even now, is my point.
25th Aug, 2009 18:21 (UTC)
Re: you say late April...
schizophrenic skies indeed
24th Aug, 2009 15:56 (UTC)
That's rather lovely.
25th Aug, 2009 10:10 (UTC)
24th Aug, 2009 20:41 (UTC)
You are clever.
25th Aug, 2009 10:10 (UTC)
um thanks I think
24th Aug, 2009 20:56 (UTC)
I had the metric/imperial issue last time I did a waste pipe. What is their problem? just pick one and stick to it.
The OMG nectarine needs potting on already? Still I am sure it will love you for it.
25th Aug, 2009 10:10 (UTC)
not a very big potting on
More a potting in -- it needed easing out of the plastic pot and settling into the pot you provided with a bit of extra compost and drainage material.
24th Aug, 2009 21:44 (UTC)
Great strip. Merci. Make me want to cry.
25th Aug, 2009 10:09 (UTC)
Ah! Thankyou :)
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