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This also happened today:

  • 17:18 ggghhhcdxxx8x4e5w35555555eeeeeeeee5fr44444gtffffffff4rrrr3333w2222222
  • 17:20 New kitten has also found the function keys. Web browsing will never be the same again. Go chase animated gifs, Harlequin! Good girl.
  • 17:52 Just left a sleeping kitten next to an open window. It sounds like a proverb: a sleeping kitten next to an open window is only partly safe.
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25th Aug, 2009 08:10 (UTC)
Schrodinger's kitten. Unless you are actually looking at it you don't know if it is safe inside or at risk outside.
25th Aug, 2009 10:07 (UTC)
She's mostly a present-and-purring kitten. Though there was that wobble when she fell asleep in a bag of fairy lights and we couldn't find her anywhere!

she is very tiny
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