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and for my next trick....

I'd better get that overflow fixed. Bah! Getting bits and bobs done today, but the kitten is quite disruptive to certain sorts of work. Writing emails, lists, and so on, especially. Something to do with sustained attention, I think. She's reducing my attention span down to the same length as hers...

I'm climbing Mount Snowdon this weekend. Anyone got any tips? Apart from, keep heading upwards and follow the crowds?

Oh and there's that poll I was going to post...

Poll #1449117 dreamwidth invite codes

I have three invite codes for Dreamwidth, what should I do with them?

Start journal for Harlequin kitten
Start journal for Teasel Cat
Give them to me
Start journal for Coast/Big Bang/Springwatch slash fic
start urban greenwatch blog
Start journal for garden

Do you have a better suggestion?

What's Dreamwidth for, anyway?

Those who fear Russia
Slash, apparently
Everything too embarassing for livejournal


Ticky :D
Post more comics
Stop waving your kitten at me
My best friend disappeared into Dreamwidth and I never saw her again, you insensitive clod!
Can I see your bathroom?


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26th Aug, 2009 11:44 (UTC)
I can't be bothered even thinking about Dreamwidth. My 'blog here is my first 'blog. I bought a permanent account. If LJ dies I (or my 'blog anyway) will die with it.
26th Aug, 2009 17:25 (UTC)
I have about fifteen blogs all over the place, and really, I just keep on coming back to this one
26th Aug, 2009 11:53 (UTC)
I have a DW account; I mostly use it to read posts from people who've left LJ
26th Aug, 2009 17:26 (UTC)
alas I am really not doing much with mine at all....
26th Aug, 2009 12:06 (UTC)
26th Aug, 2009 13:08 (UTC)
On the hot water tank overflow, it seems to be dripping more than it was. I texted Jo, not heard back from her yet.
26th Aug, 2009 18:27 (UTC)
Up to date info, as we did it last week,
Snowdon is great - but very cold and blowy at the top however sunny it is - pack layers accordingly.
You need to pick a route from the several available - the basic Llanberis "follow the crowds" path is actually rather nice, if crowded, it has interesting changes of view and follows the train track for a lot of the way which is nice, as well as being dead simple - but you can always take a different route down because the Sherpa bus conveniently goes round frequently from each of the different staring points. New cafe at the top is lovely, if crowded.

Pete's Eats, on Llanberis high street is totally the place to refuel afterwards, they do enormous mugs of tea and huge plates of yummy chips and fry ups and hippy currys, for very little money.

Any other questions?
27th Aug, 2009 06:33 (UTC)
Re: Up to date info, as we did it last week,
did you take the train? Is it fun?
27th Aug, 2009 08:29 (UTC)
Re: Up to date info, as we did it last week,
We did take the train (the easiest route is very easy for an adult but still not an option for Tiny's legs).
It was fun and the views were fabulous and I thought the taped spiel on the way up was good as well (YMMV) - but it costs 25 quid return or 17 quid one way (though the first train of the day is half price if you pre-book), and we had to book several days in advance so you can't just decide that you're not feeling up to the walk when you get there (in school holidays anyway).
One way train rides down are sold on a first come first served basis at the mountain top, but only insofaras the train's not full of return passengers.

27th Aug, 2009 09:38 (UTC)
that does sound good!
...but I'm asking more out curiosity. Funicular Railway! But I'm not really expecting to be able to get a seat on bank holiday saturday, and anyway I want to walk it...
27th Aug, 2009 09:54 (UTC)
Re: that does sound good!
I found it moderately unpleasant going down with a cup of tea sloshing in my stomach. Bump slosh bump slosh bump. YMMVO.
27th Aug, 2009 09:56 (UTC)
Re: that does sound good!
Also, we went up and down by train because people were bigging up the time / difficulty of going up and down by the main route, had we known how short / easy it would have been we would have walked. I am fooled every time by things like that (there was one in the US where there was a tour of ancient pueblo peoples' ruins and the guide was saying only do this if you're fit and have good shoes and have some water and it was basically 200 yards and a climb up and down a short ladder). I should know better...
27th Aug, 2009 14:30 (UTC)
Re: that does sound good!
Yes, it really is a very easy walk if you're not five years old.
27th Aug, 2009 14:36 (UTC)
Re: that does sound good!
Oooh, Tiny would be onto you like a shot for that error. It is by no means a funicular railway - it is in fact the UK's only publicly accessible Rack and Pinion railway - quite quite different.

It's amazing the things I have been required to learn in order to read Tiny his bedtime stories - I now know more about the Titanic, Bismarck, Carpathia, Oceanic, Lusitania etc etc than I ever wanted to know.
27th Aug, 2009 16:33 (UTC)
I have confused my uphill railway types
31st Aug, 2009 22:41 (UTC)
Re: noes!
Had you been up the Great Orme in Llandudno, you could have added a cable tramway to your now-growing expertise.
31st Aug, 2009 22:52 (UTC)
Re: noes!
Although now i think about it, it's basically a funicular.
26th Aug, 2009 18:54 (UTC)
Snowdon you say? Which route are you taking? One thing to take is some swimming kit - thee are some lovely swims - lakes on the Miners and Pyg tracks and superb waterfall plunge pools towards the bottom of the Watkins Path. Just what you need when you've worked up a sweat. We didn't even bother with going up Snowdon a couple of weekends ago - just walked half an hour up Watkins for the best Jacuzzi in the world :@D
27th Aug, 2009 06:32 (UTC)
I'm not convinced my spa bikini will be up to such, um, public exposure....juu
27th Aug, 2009 06:35 (UTC)
We've not decided on routes yet, but it's likeluy to be a gentle one as one of the party's recovering from swiine flu...
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