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because you asked for it 2

Here's the new bathroom. Flickr set is here. It's not quite finished yet, but definitely getting there. We need to get some white paint over that drying plaster (once it's actually dried), and attach a bunch of things like toilet roll holders, mirrors and towel rails, but all the external contractor work is done, and done well. If anyone wants a recommendation for a general building firm in Oxford, ask away! They also do kitchens, external work, etc.

Overall, I'm pleased, aesthetically. We had to make a bunch of guesses about how things would look and work, and they all turned out well. Except for the light, that was a pissing nightmare. Is it too much to ask someone to make a bathroom-safe ceiling light that'll take low energy bulbs of a decent wattage?

what's in my bathroom cabinet? the spider in the reflections

close up on the basin filler toilet seat of beauty


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28th Aug, 2009 08:27 (UTC)
I have the same toilet seat! It makes every dump as dreamy as a paddle in a rock pool.
28th Aug, 2009 10:02 (UTC)
It is true! Resin toilet seats are just lovely
28th Aug, 2009 09:29 (UTC)
I love the way the tile borders reflected in the tap look like a web. (It all looks fab.)
28th Aug, 2009 10:07 (UTC)
I'm pleased with how well I match the toilet seat in the pictures...
28th Aug, 2009 11:30 (UTC)
Is dinosaur sex any good?

Did I just say that???
28th Aug, 2009 13:00 (UTC)

it has its moments.

(did I just say that?)

Seriously? It could have done with a harder proofing, and the illustrations are sadly inept. But it, ah, covers the subject nicely.
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