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a few quick scans

Hmm, there's another cool strange thing on at the Botanic Garden soon (thanks concourse) does anyone fancy going? It's on for much longer this time, shold be easy to make it.

Great cat news! Last night Teasel played with half of my broken shoelace. It might not seem like a big deal, but he's been so tense since Harlequin came that he's not really been able to cut loose and have fun. One of the first things he used to do, when getting to know me, was take a few moments out to kill my shoelaces every morning while I was putting on my shoes. So it's a good sign that he's calming down a bit, I hope.

Still playing catch-up with the sketch books, these are both really quite old: early wedding designs and a twitter doodle.

dinosaur bridesmaid
dinosaur bridesmaid
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh (more views on the click-through)!

twitter doodle
twitter doodle
Odd yet strangely typical


31st Aug, 2009 07:56 (UTC)
of course! I'm sure I thieved it from somewhere myself