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Mumble grumble suffering sausages. I twisted my little finger at a gig. I went down in a mosh and some tall guy decided it would be funny to pile on. And it was, kind of (more fun anyway than the definitely-old-enough-to-know-better guy running sorties from the wall to touch my breasts) but my hand was folded awkwardly under me and now I have a black-and-blue little finger. Is it on my right hand? Of course it is. I went to see The Damned, the first of two very family-orientated shows this weekend. I'm used to seeing the odd two-generation group at a gig, but since The Osbournes it's become practically compulsory to attend a certain sort of gig en famille so it was mum's leather bustier vs. son's mohawk all night. I'd not bothered to change into my black jeans, and between the denim and the short hair was expecting to feel a bit un-rockgoth, but as it turned out we were surrounded by podgy guys with uninteresting hair and beige t-shirts, so I fitted in about as well as I usually do. The gig was fun, though like a lot of old bands there's not a whole lot of voice left on the singer (Dave?) but I didn't care, I was revisiting those bits of the school disco where it was too dark to see and too loud to talk (yeah!) and staring at the stage thinking, Bloody Hell, it's Captain Sensible! And he's still wearing the same hat! In fact, the Captain mentioned the other family gig that weekend, his scathing comments crystallising my desire to go, but as it turned out we weren't organised enough to spend a lot of time at Oxford's dinky yet poptastic Party in the Park, and entirely missed the top of the bill, perhaps just as well for though we fetched up missing the Sugarbabes, we also avoided Atomic Kitten, Gareth Gates (who?) and (shudder) Darius. We weren't the only ones crossing genre lines, either -- the park had its share of sullen Children of Rock. Was there more black shapeless clothing and long scraggly hair in the park than the zodiac, or was it just a case of confounded expectations perverting my perception, making the goth intrusion in the park seem vast and the swelling the beige t-shirts until they filled the entire venue?


On Saturday a very small collarless tortoiseshell kitten with a big fluffy tail came into the back garden and sat for a while outside the patio doors, mewing and chasing insects and doing all the other things cats do when they're doing the "I'm helpless, look after me!" thing. Eventually it went away, for I am hard-hearted! Yes I am! We did briefly consider taking it over to Jo's, but that would make her two cats mad and we couldn't have that. It was cuter than most of the kittens here, anyway, so I expect it'll find a home.

Fiction continues to melt into real life as The Invisible Man's method for monitoring his drug levels migrates to reality in this tale of tattooing diabetic rats.

And speaking of which, I also discovered (while looking for notable dates in September and yes for work reasons) what happens when philosophers and physicians go psychogeographical. "The 1th (Onthe pronounced "wunth") UK Conference on the Findations of Psycho-Physics will function as interference to the 11th UK Conference on the Foundations of Physics, with the aim of creating a state of entanglement." Mmmm, tangly.

Also, swans are dangerous, though not as dangerous as cars.


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2nd Sep, 2002 13:13 (UTC)
If you have been Chosen by the ginger kitty, there is no escape, nor should there be! You better hope he was just visiting. (If you are indeed Chosen, you'll know it!)

Hope your finger recovers quickly. Ah feel yer pain!
2nd Sep, 2002 15:42 (UTC)
A thought:

Is anyone from Oxford coming to our show on Thursday who might like to bring some of your zines for the stall? I feel they would enhance the quality of the evening.
2nd Sep, 2002 16:20 (UTC)
i was considering hoping maybe coming myself
But I expect that either the wedding invite or attempting to organise accommodation for Canada will intervene once more. I can't believe it's after midnight and I've not really started on the evening's work at all (buries head in hands). Maybe I could send you half-a-dozen of Feeding the Geese and a handful of dirty minis?
2nd Sep, 2002 17:25 (UTC)
Re: i was considering hoping maybe coming myself
I can't believe it's after midnight and I've not really started on the evening's work at all (buries head in hands)

Spooky parallel lives we're leading, tonight. I have a job application to do next. And it's 12.30.

Maybe I could send you half-a-dozen of Feeding the Geese and a handful of dirty minis?

Yes, please do, that'd be great. Though, the post round here being what it is, there's no guarantee I'd get them in time... but if they go first thing tomorrow (Tuesday), there's every chance.
4th Sep, 2002 02:21 (UTC)
Re: i was considering hoping maybe coming myself
raggling raffersnacks ...

I didn't get anything sent. But if all else works out well, Thursday night may yet be free. I can hope ...
4th Sep, 2002 16:03 (UTC)
Re: i was considering hoping maybe coming myself
Extra triple super-yay if you can make it!!!
3rd Sep, 2002 01:19 (UTC)
I'd like being 2 cats mad but I don't know what Cassie would think!
4th Sep, 2002 15:05 (UTC)
Take a look at this! Who'da thunk?
4th Sep, 2002 16:05 (UTC)
whoah! incredible!
Thanks for the link. Watch my friend's page get incresingly more image heavy.
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