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friday (still) on my mind

[Fri am] The UPP has a website now. I wantd to watch Brief Encounter, but it was only on Friday and Saturday night. I did watch Cabaret, though. I used to think that Liza Minnelli wasn't very pretty when I was younger. I was sadly deluded. Also contains my favourite insult: you're about as fatale as an after-dinner mint!

[Fri pm] I don't think I'm going to make it. I was supposed to have my sister's wedding invites done for Sunday, and the printers said they'd try their best but the afternoon is slipping away. The guts are done. The information sheet is done. I even bought the envelopes. But the smooth cream card with its silver knotwork swans is still at the printers and I don't think it's going to be done on time. I was supposed to get it into the printers on Tuesday but I picked up the pen in my injured hand on Monday and realised I couldn't hold the pen steady enough to draw a smooth line and oh I know that doesn't usually matter but this is for her wedding, her fairy-tale, galadriel-dressed, in-a-castle-with-fireworks wedding and it just has to be perfect.I'm still terrified it's not going to be good enough. The printer couldn't show me samples of the metallic inks, so all I have to go on is the pictures in my head. As usual.

[Fri eve] A week without cycling and I'm getting weak. I can feel the muscles unravelling from around my knees, when I walk fast there are pains in the front of my shins, my tendons reaching for strength that isn't there. I can't cycle because I've hurt my little finger, and in order to ride my bike I need to curl my hand around the handlebars and I can't do that without pain. All the things that use my little finger. Picking up the water jug, coffee mug, saucepan, getting milk out of the fridge. Holding onto the bannisters. Pulling up my duvet. Holding a book open. Turning doorhandles. Flicking water from my fingers after I've washed them, that was really painful. Getting something out of the bottom of my bag. Ow, ow, Ow. And as for swimming ... I can't even manage the pathetic six lengths I did last time Anita dragged me down to the health club on a free ticket. Still, there's always the steam room. Poach me ...

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