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This also happened today:

  • 16:08 My tea ball explodes! Just after I've packed all available cutlery, including the ancient spork.What to use to get rid of excess tea-leaf?
  • 16:12 Ha! Have improvised solution using second mug, key and half the tea-ball as ersatz strainer. Desk only slightly damp (second mug smaller).
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12th Sep, 2009 01:19 (UTC)
12th Sep, 2009 08:40 (UTC)
Oh dear. I don't suppose you know where to get a bamboo-style travelling tea set, do you?
12th Sep, 2009 13:08 (UTC)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! not another TWITTER cross post to LJ. I just had to delete someone for turning their LJ into a Twitter cross post. Please, I beg of you.... don't go to the dark side.
12th Sep, 2009 17:47 (UTC)
For those who don't like to see LT posts, here is some information on how to prevent them from showing up.
14th Sep, 2009 06:26 (UTC)
Aw, come on... when I stopped it, several people specifically requested that I bring it back again! It's just very short blogs (at least the way I do twitter) and it's very helpful for me, as I use LJ as a diary to figure out what I was doing and when -- twitter's very useful for that. It's hardly the only thing I do here, anyway -- although I appreciate that it may look like that sometimes, especially at weekends...
14th Sep, 2009 10:59 (UTC)
Well, just don't abandon your regular LJ posts! I'd miss them a lot.
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