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hi-low culture

I deliberately didn't find out what Susurrus (Oxford Botanic Garden's big autumn performance) was before going to experience it, rather stupidly as it turns out; it's one of those "talking point" radio plays (delivered through ipods and headphones) that's all about how some stupid mess in the past is ruining EVERYTHING. It was a pretty bad mess (sexual abuse by a step-parent), but careful removal of any narrators that may have passed judgement had left a nasty tang of justification about it, while arty segments which were either about dissecting sparrows, or long thesaurusish lists of similar words, were just baffling.

However, Benjamin Britten's A Midsummer's Night's Dream was playing between the acts and that was sublime. So was the late summer planting in the Botanic Gardens (the long borders, especially, are astonishing) so my advice is this; load up the ipod with your favorite opera, look at the flowers, and forget about the careful contrived controversy of radio plays.

Perhaps as balance I also watched Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus this weekend. It was terrible, but you knew that. Here's the trailer, it's representative!


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14th Sep, 2009 22:57 (UTC)
The moment you see branding for "The Asylum", you should automatically ditch any hopes of a halfway decent thriller. These guys make Roger Corman look like a big spender.
15th Sep, 2009 03:51 (UTC)
I thought The Asylum only ripped off other movies? Was there a shark Vs. octopus movie that I missed? Maybe they are just ripping off Kaiju movies?
15th Sep, 2009 07:15 (UTC)
It's more like a weird crossbreed of Japanese and American monster movies -- inspired by "It came from Beneath the Sea" (1950s Harryhausen) as much as anything else. There's even a homage scene where the Golden Gate bridge is destroyed!
15th Sep, 2009 12:27 (UTC)
Ooh! I should totally try to see that movie! (Both of them!) X3
15th Sep, 2009 06:43 (UTC)
I liked it because it had science montage.
15th Sep, 2009 18:44 (UTC)
Truly their science glowed
15th Sep, 2009 12:40 (UTC)
I think the video game had more depth, even if you could only play the octopus.
15th Sep, 2009 18:52 (UTC)
the plot's certainly more coherent
-- and I think the effects were more realistic, too.
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