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dark days

The wedding invites just got back from the printers. They look about as bad as they could without my having to go back and start over. I guess it's going to be one of those jobs I'll have to look at and think well, I got it done.

I was just breaking from my site review/upate to go have a chat with myself in the chatroom when I was brought up short by a home page that was six months out of date. A quick click-around revealed that I had suddenly lost a mass of changes I'd made to the site recently, and a bunch of files which should have been calling information from the database weren't. I prodded around a bit, but the results were both inexplicable and horrible. A little more prodding and some frantic file uploading later, I at least had a home page that wasn't six months out of date, but was no closer to finding out what the fuck had happened. I let my voice calm before I called their support line this time. I explained the problem as best I could, finishing with, "... and I was wondering if you'd done anything your end which might have caused this?" His hestitation was indicative. His asking me if I'd had a database, more so. "Was it an Access database?" he asked. "SQL" I replied. He said "Yes" (unusually frank for them) and went off leaving me in the nasty care of the we're-sorry-to-keep-you-waiting lady, before eventually coming back to explain that they would be getting it running and would call me back when it was sorted. (If, I thought, though I didn't say it, if you can get it running.)

Apparently, this happened because they're moving me to a faster server. I should be grateful.