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moments between posts - dances with logos

This also happened today:

  • 13:59 Overheard in the office: I don't trust logos, you know. They (she gestures, extravagantly) dance, don't they? I wonder what she means?
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17th Sep, 2009 00:12 (UTC)
Perhaps she had a fit after seeing the London in 2012 logo launch.
17th Sep, 2009 07:14 (UTC)
Prosaically she turned out to be talking about embedding two pictures side by side at the bottom of a word document, and tragically I know exactly what she means....
17th Sep, 2009 02:36 (UTC)
23日に、日本のsliver weekとかいう連休が終わるから(なんだかんだいっても、日本のほうがあめりかよりnational holidayがずっと多い)そのころ、ハワイに行きたいな。
17th Sep, 2009 07:27 (UTC)
ooh! so it is
Hoe of the Kokumin no kyūjitsu, that marvelous japanese invention. Too bad we are out of bank holiday season in the UK I could do with a long weekend...
17th Sep, 2009 19:53 (UTC)
I was going to suggest that perhaps her retinas are still scarred from the Horrible Animated .gif Explosion of 1997.
18th Sep, 2009 07:46 (UTC)
You know crappy old animated gifs, that you remember with love/hate? There's a tumblr for that.
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