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honeymooners of prague

Next set of photos from Prague, featuring scraffito, an antique mirror maze, a 1/5 scale odel of the Eiffel Tower and a Funicular Railway!

I'm sure I've read a short story called "Honeymooners of Prague" somewhere. It was kind of like The Apartment meets King Kong meets the Golem of Prague, with gratuitous sex scenes. It would date from the mid-80s, though, so I'm unlikely to find it again.

In other news I saw "Inglourious Basterds" last night. It seems Brad Pitt plans on being Bruce Willis when he grows up. Well, there are worse career paths. The film was a nice combination of matinee madness and modern war-film badness. The antihero was played by a guy called Waltz who is a sight to behold; like Peter O'Toole gone cruel with sobriety. Everyone (even the ones who thought they were brilliant) was vulnerable to idiocy, fuck-ups and the random bad luck of warzones. The nazis (who had goose-stepped seductively straight out of a Donna Barr comic) and the Americans (who had stamped two-fisted straight out of Preacher) were deftly done; impressive and unlikeable. A return to form, but other age groups may not find it as good; we were the generation that grew up on insane war films.

inside the mirror maze the view from the tower scraffito


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25th Sep, 2009 08:53 (UTC)
Ah yes, a pastiche of those '60s war movies where a brave band of commandoes wins the war--taken, of course, to its absurd logical conclusion.
25th Sep, 2009 17:39 (UTC)
Indeed, though some have idiotically claimed the finale makes IB a science fiction movie.
25th Sep, 2009 17:40 (UTC)
Indeed, though some have idiotically claimed the finale makes IB a science fiction movie.
25th Sep, 2009 13:19 (UTC)
Oh, excellent. I've been meaning to see it but we went to Julie and Julia last night instead (which I at least very much enjoyed). I feel like a lapsed Tarantino fan for skipping Roadhouse or whatever it was called...but I love an insane war film (my dad brought us up on such propagandistic highlights as PT 109 - the probably completely fictitious tale of JFK's naval career - and Zulu).
25th Sep, 2009 13:27 (UTC)
Funny, I loved IB and hated J and J!
25th Sep, 2009 15:04 (UTC)
I'm a big Julia fan, and I enjoyed Julie Powell's book. Plus I have Queens nostalgia something bad. Aside from that...who knows. As chick flicks go - and I hate that term, but considering that everyone in the theater was a woman or an unwillingly conscripted gentleman, I think it applies - I thought it was pretty great.
25th Sep, 2009 14:24 (UTC)
Remember the PT109 song? It was utilised to mock me at school...

'Smoke and fire upon the sea;
Fifteen men and Kennedeeee...'
25th Sep, 2009 15:00 (UTC)
Oh nooooo! JFK would not approve.
25th Sep, 2009 14:18 (UTC)
Oh my yes. I love my old city.
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