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brighter days

... and on getting home last night:

I opened the pack from the printer to discover that the card taped to the outside of the packet was the colour print proof and did not accurately represent the contents of the pack, which actually looked adequately beautiful. I repurposed one of my tint brushes and glued in the guts. Yeah. That would certainly work. So I shoved Hunky Dory into the Mac and hit "skip track" half a dozen times, then spent an hour or so pasting the invites and yelling along from It's a god-awful small affair to I'm starving for my gravy, which cheered me up no end. Only slightly disconcerted by the fact that the pile of cards didn't seem to be reducing at all. (On Alladin Sane by this time.) Damian came home. He had a message on the ansaphone saying he's won a major prize but when he called them back the freephone number didn't exist, so instead we went to a gig through evening streets which contained more water than air, eating soggy chips on the way, for an evening of screeching and guitars and getting wasted on red wine and white russians, where I tore up a film on damp queercore kids* and acted like a babbling fool.

This morning swam up through the hangover, perfect September morning, blue skies and yellow leaves, just time for coffee, Resolve, and more gluing, dimly noticed that the pile of cards still wasn't reducing. A quick count indicated they'd given me 200 cards, not 100. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with 100 spare wedding invites?

Oh, and I got in to find my site working, though I've still lost most of the changes I made in the last couple of weeks, darn it.

And to prove that yesterday was not entirely wasted: I made a great cup of tea.

*Sewing Circle, Lesbo Pig and/or Pissy-shit Pants (not entirely sure), and linusland who were all good and noisy. I got a Linus badge! Grin! Oxford songstrel KTB also played, which was an interesting contrast.

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