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This also happened today:

  • 14:37 Spelling errors on [...] website are making my nose hurt. Collages for Colleges! Particularly reprehensible for an educational organisation.
  • 16:55 You know how you invite a person to a meeting? Well, to book a room, just invite it, as if it was person. Environment as NPC.
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3rd Oct, 2009 09:55 (UTC)
Rooms have personalities too. have you never heard of genius loci?
5th Oct, 2009 10:39 (UTC)
It's much more of a genius loci than than it used to be, actually -- the projector's actually working! INcredible!
3rd Oct, 2009 12:10 (UTC)
If it's anything like our Outlook set-up, you have to invite it as a Resource; inviting it "as a person" won't work properly.
5th Oct, 2009 10:41 (UTC)
I suspect we may be improper then
As all the meeting rooms are simply in the Global address book.
6th Oct, 2009 08:16 (UTC)
According to our HR department people are resources too. It avoids the problem of getting too sentimental when you need to get rid of them.
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