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it's a weird world

Sir David Attenborough just reminded me on Facebook to watch his new series. 619 people (and rising) like this, but only 74 have seen fit to comment. The social networking thing is in an odd state at the moment. It feels strangely transitional, as if we're waiting for some sort of crucial developent. I remember finding Livejournal ?5 years ago and thinking, "Great! That keeping in touch with people malarky! That's sorted now!" But now my friendsgroup is scattered across at least 10 systems, and still studded with SN refuseniks and lackadaisical updaters who next a text or email before they'll notice anything. All the cross-posting and aggregation in the world won't sort this; I wonder what will?

It's been a weekend of chaos, anxiety and wretched bad luck in the friendsgroup. I feel deepest sympathies to all involved, but have problems expressing them, as ever. I suffer the problem of feeling that social interaction from a semi-stranger is yet another burden; and one surely not needed in bad times. Never mind; maybe it needs updating, but I still want to give you all flowers.

On a lighter note: it's owltober! I just bought this:

happy owltober!
happy owltober!
monica owl top by motel


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5th Oct, 2009 12:30 (UTC)
I remember finding Livejournal ?5 years ago nearer ten actually! I've had mine since Dec 2001 and you introduced me to it...
5th Oct, 2009 12:36 (UTC)
Yeesh, it's been a while...
5th Oct, 2009 18:42 (UTC)
Your second ever post bemoans lack of kitten. At least that bis sorted.
5th Oct, 2009 21:07 (UTC)
You're kidding me! Ooooh, no you're not. Goodness me.

9th Oct, 2009 13:40 (UTC)
I suspect I'm one of the refuseniks. Part of the reason I haven't become involved with any of the social networking stuff is that I don't consider myself a particularly interesting person. Why have a blog if I've nothing much to write ? I suppose I could have a profile that at least allowed me to publish contact details, but the other reason I've been avoiding these things is because I'm a sysadmin. I know the dangers of trusting your details to someone's system. Things like <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/6902333.stm> tend to reinforce this opinion.
9th Oct, 2009 16:39 (UTC)
Hey J, nice to see you again! I'm sure you could find a sufficiently obscure id to post under, even if only for commentings?

P.S. Do you have an openid you can log in with? Less commentspam is attracted that way...
12th Oct, 2009 14:11 (UTC)
I guess I do have an openid account, pointing to a suitable sacrificial email account.
12th Oct, 2009 18:22 (UTC)
Ha! Now that's what I call a secret identity!
13th Oct, 2009 13:36 (UTC)
Ah, you want the non-gibberish version ? It's possible I can even manage that.
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