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owltober marches on

My favourite bits of gardening are the ones where I actually finish a garden. It's tempting to thik of gardening as an unfinishable job, like housework, but actually, for any given bit of gardening there is a moment when you can step back and say, OK, that's done. That's nice. That'll do. I'm done. Did tinyjo's back garden, yesterday, and at the end got to think; yeah, that's done.

Oh, and more from owltober, thanks to percyprune for this eminently practical and beautiful shopping bag. It's already been to a festival and an all-day gig with me, and comfortably coped with landing in a puddle of beer, holding my copy of The Fortean Times, containing a CD, etc.

owls from sweden


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24th Oct, 2009 14:20 (UTC)
That one that's been caught by the stitching looks like it's trying to be a Vitruvian Owl. Very ambitious.
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