Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

throwing a party (all the way across the room)

October, and I have become utterly obsessed with The Lovesong of Alfred J Prufrock. Remember that film, "I have seen the Mermaids Singing"? Ah, just me then. Anyway, you can find audio of Eliot reading his own poem, clipped voice cracking slightly as he creases over and over his anxieties, snapping them like an elastic band, on and on and on. I have my annotated copy somewhere, doubtless complete with a damaged translation of the scrap on Dante it opens with, perhaps a doodle of catbeast fog. I had to buy another belt today; I've hit that age (they will say; how she is becoming thin) and hey apparently according to a book I read (fiction) Ezra Pound edited it all anyway. Anyway. Archi Prufrock (or possibly Andi) is likely to be the hosthero of my latest Whores of Mensa strip, the theme of which is parties. This is one of my less successful doodles of the main characters. There was a better one, but the sketchpad's a pain to scan.

archi prufrock's party at the end of all days
archi prufrock's party at the end of all days
Archi may end up a bit more Mrs Dalloway (that's me at the back there, I just dyed my hair black)


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