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This also happened today:

  • 22:38 Have just discovered that he film in which Vinnie Jones tries to get a bear to eat Jamelia is a) called The Magic Boys, but b) cancelled.


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4th Nov, 2009 23:33 (UTC)
because of what she said in the show, presumably?

fact: CW was supposed to be presenting my show (OK, really her show) too on the day of the recording, but somehow fitted it in to the Buzzcocks meal break...
4th Nov, 2009 23:52 (UTC)
who winkles the winkleman?
It came across as a bit of an epic show, but it needs a meal break?
5th Nov, 2009 00:11 (UTC)
Re: who winkles the winkleman?
they 'block' rather than rehearse in the afternoon, CW goes up to my studio for 6pm, we're then live 6.30-7, Buzzcocks records 7.30...

having said that, recording the main show generally takes about 90 mins. Noel F likes a wee break at the very least...
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