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I suppose that I must be getting older. Five days on from carelessly indulging in country dancing at glittertigger's wedding (for the first time since I was at primary school) I still have an ache in my feet, from dancing up on my toes. It's an odd moment, facing up to an old trauma like that. What next? Arguing for fun? Driving? Job interviews when not absolutely demanded by dire financial need? Well, we'll see.

This weekend is my Comica weekend. On saturday I shall be listening to Eddie Campbell in conversation -- hero of mine, an excellent speaker, plus I know from experience that I deal best with conversations with Eddie when someone else is doing the talking and I'm lost in the audience... On sunday I shall be behind a table at Comiket hawking tiny minicomics with ellenlindner (who will be hawking her shiny books!)

I wasn't looking forward to this at all because I caught a throat-and-chest infection following on from the colds. Looks like walking (and working) through the illness isn't quite so good a strategy for me nowadays (yes, growing older). Too miserable and sickly even to twitter! I just had to lie down and snooze/read old copies of New Scientist until betterness returned. This morning I am better enough, though, and the rest should follow.

OK, time to brave it. Let's take an umbrella and a scarf, though. Because out there it's autumn, on your head.


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5th Nov, 2009 11:34 (UTC)
Get well soon
Plenty hot drinks etc.
Btw, a friend has just started a cat blog at http://catdiaries.harrietshamvets.co.uk/#home and I pointed her to your kitten diaries. One of the things she wants to do is comment (as a vet) on the issues cats encounter and social problems are a part of that. Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case she gets in touch about cat blogging etc.
5th Nov, 2009 12:40 (UTC)
Re: Get well soon
oh, I'd forgotten about the kitten diaries! Harley's going through some difficult times at the moment, what with being more of a teenager now. Maybe I should revisit them...

hot drinks, yes.
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