Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

moments between posts - curse of victoria beckham

This also happened today:

  • 23:45 Yes I very much would like to go see Eddie Campbell at the ICA this sat @jinty I'm also committed to Comiket the following day, plans?
  • 08:13 @jinty yes please I am as yet unticketed @lilianedwards yes and he has a new Alec collection out (eee!) Eddie C FTW
  • 09:11 My kitten is snoring! Tiny kitten snores! But I must go to work, now.
  • 10:53 Guess the circuit board dangling off the bottom of the wall-mounted boiler means I'll have to get my danger scalding hot water elsewhere.
  • 12:18 @morecheerful Gosh, I have no idea. Same day: Bryan Talbot's new anthropomorphic steampunk badger detective comic!
  • 12:22 Across the office, someone says "google victoria beckham's new ha
    ir" and tappity tap we do. The intranet goes down! #curseofvictoriabeckham
  • 12:24 @jinty Thanks for that, will be in touch about travel arrangements. Bryan's on at 4.30pm with his badger detective comic, too? I'm not sure.

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