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small presser at the weekend

I woke up at 4am last night with my ears ringing and throbbing glandular pain. Presumably I picked up something else at Comiket (it was a very tight room, and we were rather packed in). This morning the malaise doesn't seem particularly worse, so whatever it is, I guess I fought it off at the price of no more than a little disturbed sleep.

Comiket was quite fun; the ICA's a pleasant location (I had beer and a gingerbread man for my afternoon snack!) and it was lovely catching up with various people. The Wetherspoons (UK comics events always seem to repair to Wetherspoons in the evening, we really ought to set up some sort of sponsorship deal) was full of servicemen and women in uniform, who must have come from the morning remembrance events I suppose. At one point someone fell downstairs.

We tried to put the world and our part-time jobs to rights, but I had to leave before any resolution was reached. A bunch more people were turning up just as I went so I expect ait all got sorted out! My best discovery of the day was that if you've forgotten to set up a float for your table, the change machines outside the toilets at Victoria Station will provide.

In other news, MOCCA is shifting to April, reputedly to avoid airconditioning charges, so we need another comics event in June to launch our Whores of Mensa Fabulous Cocktail Party. Any suggestions?


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9th Nov, 2009 12:34 (UTC)
I contacted Wetherspoons last year about doing some sort of deal or sponsorship for the post Thing gathering and they said no :(

Mentioned the 2D festival in Derry to Ellen - it's the start of June and is totally free for both exhibitors and attendies.
9th Nov, 2009 13:28 (UTC)
Too bad. They might change their tune at a future date, tho, what with the ever-rising profile of comics! The Wetherspoons comics people blather anthology should at some point live, methinks

...2D's a good suggestion, I enjoyed it lots when I went a few years back
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