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Eddie Campbell at Comica, part 1

As jinty mentioned, we went to the ICA to watch Eddie Campbell (Alec, Bacchus, From Hell) in conversation with Arnold Brown, two very different individuals combined to shed light on both; a brainchild trick of (Comica organiser) Paul Gravett, Eddie Campbell's The Man at the Crossroads, still striking out towards that crossover comics audience that will (eventually) be pretty much everyone, if he has his way.

A delightful surprise in the audience was Jean-Paul Jennequin, an old contact from the queerzine years, now handsomely bearded and a pillar of the establishment, running the queer comics drop-in at Angoulême. You must drop in if you come next year, he says. Hehn.

In the signing queue, a woman doing her dissertation on autobiographical comics buttonholes us and we talk in odd spikes of thoughts for a bit; representations of friends, honesty, the shock of finding stories that you thought were about you in other people's works. Corinne Pearlman (I saw her on the way in) tells me she mentioned me in a lecture about female cartoonists; or was it just a picture? I don't know. Apparently the filming went wrong on that talk so it won't go on the website. It's Dyke TV all over again, something about me fails to commit to film.

Eddie remembers me (the woman called Jeremy!) from Bristol and I slip him a tiny minicomic. I'd entirely forgotten Bristol; it was quite buried in the memory of seeing him talk at the last ever UKCAC.

Here's the first page of my notes from the talk. The really significant statements are as follows:

[on the advantage an autobigraphical cartoonist has when it comes to coping with strange and difficult experiences] "When I'm in a panic, I can usually stop and figure out what might be useful in here to somebody else."

[on his early days as an artist] "If you'd told me I wasn't a real artist I would have been crestfallen." -- to which Paul and others of his circle replied: "We never told you that."

Page two tomorrow, click to see it bigger.

Eddie Campbell at Comica
Eddie Campbell at Comica
Lecture notes with false colours Paul Gravett fashion sketch. Alas, I did not get a second look at his amazing shoes...


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12th Nov, 2009 07:19 (UTC)
give her a kiss from me!
Oh, every month is owltober really :)
12th Nov, 2009 08:07 (UTC)
Heh: I have a similar sketch of Eddie from further back. Didn't manage to catch you to say Hi, mainly because I was suffering from the Cold of Doom and that room seemed to have no air. Also: shy.

(btw am also cheerfulone on twitter, just in case you think you are being cyberstalked twice. Am not cyberstalking you, honest.)
12th Nov, 2009 08:35 (UTC)
Post it! (the sketch) --- oh, shy. Cold of doom. Yes, I know all about that...

...but, erm, if you're on twitter and not following me or tweeting as http://twitter.com/cheerfulone seems to be I'm never going to know?
12th Nov, 2009 20:28 (UTC)
Further proof (as if I needed any) that my brain doesn't actually work at 8am: I'm on twitter as morecheerful, not cheerfulone. Duh. I'll scan the Eddie sketch tomorrow.
12th Nov, 2009 08:12 (UTC)
Ah, I was looking forward to seeing these. Gorgeous; love the Mad Eye of Alan Moore.
13th Nov, 2009 01:43 (UTC)
bah, still envious. Still pleased to discover all this new Alec stuff!!!
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