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for lovers of all things tiny

Been over looking at the 5K winners for this year. Most of the winners suggest that the judges had been smoking too much pot (or maybe I just down't have the soul to appreciate that the maths is beauful) but there is this curious maze keep turning left/up and look for the entrance to the next level, the highly educational evolution of life on earth, and the weirdly compulsive opportunity to walk the solar system using the page down button. Turn down the lights, maximus the browser window, and stroll to Pluto. Mmm, nice 3-D effects. No, that's probably just me.

For haiku fans: keyrain. Type slowly in short lines and the words fall down; september rain.

And for everyone who fears or hates ducks (though Damian says they look more like hummingbirds) the only game I found that wasn't either in Flash or overoptimistic or not very fun.

This guy likes ducks. Anyone else feel inadequate about how much their userpic says about them? And speaking of weblogs, check out ownlog, the most private weblog of all.

At around rating 3.5 I gave up.


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13th Sep, 2002 12:15 (UTC)
HIgh score on the ducks
13th Sep, 2002 12:20 (UTC)
Now 450
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