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let's get ready to roomba!

Terrifying moment of horror! I spotted Margaret Beckett (the black-and-white cat from down the way) on the back fence. She was being very still (as cats often are) and has a slightly strangled look naturally, and for a moment I thought (horror of horrors) that she'd somehow hung herself on my solar-powered fairy lights. I dashed downstairs in my dressing gown and ran out back -- at which point of course Margaret gave me her usual timid stare and darted away into next door's garden. I spent the next ten minutes up on a garden chair in my dressing gown checking and rehanging the fairy lights to eliminate any possibility of a dangling loops nevertheless; better safe than sorry. Neigbours probably think I'm mad.

Going in a bit late this morning as the day got extended a bit yesterday. Two days in a row eating at 9-10pm! Long hours but good work, and the odd ambivalence that brings.

My knee's improved after a week containing a lot less deskwork and sitting down. We'll see how it goes next week. I may have to do some further tweaking of my chair.

Visual notes: the 80s, Comiket, the blinds in the morning, kitten stalks the Dorset Knobs.

apparently the 80s ICA: Comiket
the blinds in the morning kitten stalks the dorset knobs


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21st Nov, 2009 00:04 (UTC)
I flipping hate Dorset Knobs. What on earth is the point of them?
23rd Nov, 2009 15:06 (UTC)
so friends can buy them for you
as a hilarious comedy gift
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