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This also happened today:

  • 10:16 Our green box went flying in the high winds. The teenagers next door told us it was last seen blowing through traffic on iffley road.
  • 10:46 I?ve left the kitten and the roo,ba sharing the living room. Will Harlequin Day robot fighter strike again, or can they give peace a chance?
  • 11:01 She wears bright pink tights under opaque schoolish grey tights, each respectable step releases hints of outrageousness that lurk beneath.
  • 12:47 The shops are full of party clothes. A peacock scarf with devore velvet eyes; a grey dress with silver sequins falling down like rain.
  • 13:43 About to start composing a legend about combibos mince pies. It starts: Once, in a city square full of red and golden autumn leaves...


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21st Nov, 2009 00:19 (UTC)
It turns out that Harlequin Day Robot Fighter struck again.
23rd Nov, 2009 13:14 (UTC)
That's what Robot Wars needed in its latter seasons - kittens. It would be a bit unfair though. Kittens are evil, intelligent and scheming (and that's why I like them) - the poor robots wouldn't stand a chance.

By the way, have you checked your toilet reading material lately ? It seems that someone in Oxford found a first edition of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" in their guest toilet.
23rd Nov, 2009 14:11 (UTC)
give her a ribbon and she'll disable a gundam
I'm from a one-toilet household and therefore only have the usual; some joke books about cats, two New Scientist paperbacks, the latest Fortean Times, a Bravissimo catalogue and a copy of Dinosaur Sex (wedding present).
23rd Nov, 2009 15:04 (UTC)
Gundams are wusses - try Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (though I suspect the kitten would still win).
Hmm. Somehow I doubt any of those would fetch much at Christies.

Speaking of New Scientist and Fortean Times, I wonder how many people subscribe to both and I wonder how many of them are beginning to think that the science reporting in Fortean Times is superior to that in New Scientist. The "Vague Scientist" cartoon strip you can find by googling "vague scientist" really isn't far off the mark. Alternatively, this might just be my natural curmudgeonliness shining through.
23rd Nov, 2009 23:03 (UTC)
Re: Gundams are wusses - try Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (though I suspect the kitten would still win
yeah, she'd eat him for breakfast. I was just reading about "sacred" "geometry" and oooh! psychic photography in FT, so I think NS's role as a bastion of reason is safeish for a while (as long as I avoid the letters page or any large articles about physics)
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