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whereas I surround myself with...

Well, obviously I wasn't at Thought Bubble this weekend. I hear good things of it, though. Mostly about alcohol. Must be the difference in price per pint between London and Leeds.

Instead I was at home, doing a bit more gardening-for-pay, nursing my knee (it's improving, and at this rate may recover before I get to see a doctor) and trying out my new heated drying rack from Coopers of Stortford (the Innovations Catalogue's sensible big brother). It has of course been christened kitty paradise, and now its primary purpose (drying clothes) is secondary to providing a toasty perch for tiny kittens.

This week's strip, Epiphany on Queen Street, is (of course) not this week's strip at all, we're going to be in the catch-up zone for a while. It in fact dates from the second or third week in July of this year, and is therefore a Jeremy Dennis strip, not a Jeremy Day strip. More of this nonsense to follow. For now, though, a dubious realisation:

Epiphany on Queen Street (detail)
Epiphany on Queen Street (detail)
This one has philosophical issues.

I'm suspicious of the revelation in this strip; it seems too pat and clever-clever. It also denies the fact that the world is full of bad jobs that need doing, and people who will take pay to do them (and I am certainly one). But I'm not good at seeing the beauty in what I do, I suppose. That little flash of smarts and polish isn't really going to change what's underneath; and fundamentally, I think, making a difference to people -- being there for someone, helping them progress -- it's not the motivator for me that it is for my colleagues. I also want what I do to have an instrinsic beauty; and that it not in my job description.


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24th Nov, 2009 00:10 (UTC)
Ah, but the only trouble with Accessorise is that the silver quickly rubs off their shinys, the stones fall out and the metal goes all gross and manky and stains your skin.
And therein lies the metaphor.
24th Nov, 2009 00:31 (UTC)
entropy is there for all of us
websites especially

but I take your point
24th Nov, 2009 09:40 (UTC)
I used to work for Accessorize and the sparkly does help. (So does the 75% staff discount, admittedly.)
*puts up more gold paper cranes on my office pinboard*
24th Nov, 2009 17:05 (UTC)
I'm going to add 'Accessorize' to my job searches, now....
24th Nov, 2009 18:08 (UTC)
It's fun messing around with the displays and you get a knack for flipping hats!
24th Nov, 2009 17:58 (UTC)
Did you get the 75% foe monsoon, too?
24th Nov, 2009 18:07 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
Yes, but they had to do that because they made us wear seasonal Monsoon gear and the wages were pretty minimal.
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